Miss Luciana

Miss Luciana is a young, cheeky trainee in a law firm. She often wears her Birkenstock sandals in the office and has noticed many male employees staring at her feet. What would these men do to get closer to her feet? Meanwhile, she uses these situations to exercise power. In the office, someone even wanted to buy her old, used and dirty Birkenstocks. Female feet are power over men.

Special abnormalities: Miss Luciana has very natural feet, without nail polish and she likes to wear Birkenstock shoes.

Additional Informations

158 cm

Hair Color:

38 EU / 7 US / foot length  23,7 cm


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Miss Luciana: . It's the first time for me that a slave takes off my boots to lick and smell my musty, old socks. After kissing my UGGs boots, he can take off my boots and press his nose into my

Miss Luciana: Lick the socks of a 19 year old mistress. after my dirty UGGs boots you are definitely horny for my fragrant socks. I wore these socks in my boots all day. The blue socks are warm and a little

Apprentice Miss Luciana: I work as an apprentice and always have my Birkenstock slippers on in the office. The dirt from the office sticks under the soles and the insoles have black marks from my feet, or from foot sweat

Miss Luciana: My feet are licked for the first time! A special moment for me as a young mistress. For the first time my bare feet are licked by a foot slave. I can make myself comfortable and the slave has

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