Goddess Sheila: I'll finish him under my black socks. That's what the slave has always wanted. He gets the air to breathe robbed under my black smelly socks. I always wear black socks in my boots and now this human footrest will get all the scent, although

Princess Serena: This guy can lick my sneakers clean. The loser can now crawl at my feet and lick my dirty sneakers clean. I ignore him and take selfies with my phone. The guy just disgusts me and he can only eat the dirt from my shoes. So loser, lick the dirt and eat your lunch, the dirt off the sneakers. If you lick my shoes clean barv, you can smell

Goddess Sheila: I will now use my living new carpet with bare feet. But first I take off my socks and press my scented socks in his face, haha, he really enjoys that. Then I let him feel my full weight. It’s new to him and he’s moaning under me, or is that a moan of pleasure??!! :)) I walk on it, I flatten the human carpet under my soles. I

19 yo Miss Kinga: I spit in his face and choke him under my scented socks. The guy below me has my sneakers in his slave face. I'm going to spit in his face now and rub my spit in his face with my sneakers. Then I take off my sneakers and press my warm, damp socks into his face. I smother him under my socks and I can feel him

Goddess Sheila: Trampled under my socks. The little loser on the floor likes my socks. The smell, the taste and the sight. He likes my little smelly black socks so much. He can first smell my shoes and socks before he gets to feel me and my socks. I'll show him how a rug feels under my socks and under my weight. I'll kick the slave flat and walk over

  Goddess Sheila: Mercilessly suffocated under my sweet feet! The leashed slave lies at my feet, completely at the mercy and defenseless. I'm going to play a game with him now. I will smother him with my feet and push him to his limits. I press my bare soles on his mouth and nose. He won't be able to breathe and he'll be begging for air. He has to obey my orders.

Goddess Sheila: He has to lick feet and I massage his balls! The willing slave now has to take off my high heels and is allowed to smell the heels first. He should stick his nose deep into my shoes and inhale the scent. Then he may lick and kiss my bare feet. I support him by kicking and kneading the balls with my feet in between. The pressure of my feet

Miss Elsi: I want him to kiss my feet and lick my soles! I call the slave to me and I present my bare feet to him. My soles are right in front of his nose and I wiggle my toes, almost driving him crazy with the sight. I order him that he must first press his nose against my feet and toes, he should inhale my scent. I especially sweat between

Miss Kinga: He may lick my feet and spit! I teach him how to lick feet! I may look like a sweet little girl, but the devil is in me. I now sit on the slave and teach him how to lick feet. As a greeting, he is allowed to lick my dirty sneakers and clean them with his tongue. The dirt of my shoes garnished with my spit 🙂 haha.

Goddess Sheila: Now I'll fuck his mouth with my bare feet! The loser shines under me as my footrest and I use his head to take off my socks. The loser will now kiss and lick my bare feet. He will touch every part of my bare feet with his lips and adore me. I want to fuck his mouth with my sweet little feet. Deep, very deep in his mouth!

18 yo Miss Kimberly: After the party you will kiss my feet! After the party you will get on your knees in front of me and worship me. You will kiss and lick my feet on command. My feet are stuck in my shoes because they are sweaty and I'm going to take those shoes off now. You will lick the sweat off my feet. You really like licking my sweaty

Miss Kimberly: Licking the bare feet of an 18 year old student. After you lick my boots and socks. Can you kiss and lick my bare feet now? I take off my socks very slowly for you. You can see more and more of my bare foot. Are you nervous and greedy already? Now you can see my bare feet and you can touch them with your lips. I want you

Goddess Shiela: I fuck the slave's mouth with my cute socks. I take off my boots and let the slave lick my socks clean first. The sweaty feet have to get off my socks. So foot slave, lick the sweat and suck the toes in my cute black socks. Then I fuck the slave's mouth with my fragrant socks. Yes, open your mouth loser, your mouth will now be fucked with my

Goddess Sheila: Crawl to me and kiss my feet! I'll show you how to greet me now. You will crawl to me and kiss my feet. Even on your knees you're not submissive enough. Your stomach belongs on the floor. The way you are lying in front of me, you kiss my high heels first. Give me such a sign of my divinity and superiority. Then you take off my shoes

Miss Elsi: The slave licks my house socks clean. Dirt, dust and everything that stuck to the floor is on and under my house socks. The foot slave should now lick my house socks clean. He is allowed to nibble and lick everything from my socks from heels to toes. He has to swallow what ends up in his mouth and on his tongue. Come on, foot slave, lick lick my

Miss Kimberly C.: Do you want to spoil the nylon feet of an 18 year old beauty? Look at my beautiful legs and my feet in the nylon stockings. They look hot and seductive. Do you want to smell and kiss my nylon feet? Come closer and be the first to spoil my nylon feet with your mouth. Inhale the slightly sweaty scent and kiss every inch of my young feet.   Find

Mistress Lena C.: I'll crush you under my Adidas sneakers. You are my living floor now and I will trample and kick you. You will feel my weight and you will be crushed under me. I'll crush you under my Adidas sneakers and I'll send photos of it. Would you like that, you nothing, you dirt under my feet? I'll finish you off and erase you beneath me   Find it now on

Mistress Lena C.: I press my warm sports feet into the slave's face! After he has passionately licked my sports socks, the slave is allowed to lick and suck my bare sports feet. It serves as a human footrest under my warm, damp feet. I press my big, beautiful soles hard into his face and ask him to lick the sweat from my feet. My feet sweat a lot during sports

Goddess Sheila: After a bad day, I kick the slave in the face with sneakers - frustration relief. The slave has to be available for my fist reduction. I have to put him on the floor and play my carpet. I want to stomp on him and I want to kick. That frees me from aggression. Today I kick the slave with my sneakers. He has to lie motionless while I

Goddess Sheila: licking feet, ballbusting and foot sweat corona mask. After shopping and a long walk, I now want a foot massage with his tongue from the foot slave. I also want him to lick the sweat and sticky sock lint off my feet and between my toes too. I have a wonderful surprise for the slave today. I stuck a pink corona mask to the soles of my bare feet,

Mistress Lena C.: He's been staring at my feet all evening - now he has to lick! That little foot piggy was staring at my feet the whole time we had dinner. He couldn't avert his gaze at all. I confront him about it and I know that greed is rising in him. I want him to lick my shoes and feet after dinner as "dessert". Of course he has to

Mistress Lena C.: The slave licks my Doc Martens concert boots clean! Funny to call a slave who licks your boots clean on command. I wear my concert Doc Martens boots and they tend to get dusty, especially on the soles. I order him to lick the soles of my boots and I will control him while doing so. He may suck my boots, yes vacuum the dust off my shoes.

Mistress Maria J.: I'll push my bare bare feet into his slave's face now! Now he gets to feel the full power of my bare feet. I press my feet into his slaves face and he can lick the soles of my feet and my toes. I press my heel deep into his mouth, he is allowed to suck my cornea on the verses until it is soft. I trample his

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick the sweat off my feet now. After my boots and socks have been licked clean by the slave, he can now suck the sweat from my feet. I don't usually take care of my feet much, so they get a little smelly and sweaty. I don't know when I last washed my feet. That a slave wants to lick my feet is therefore particularly cool for

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick the sweat off my feet now. After my boots and socks have been licked clean by the slave, he can now suck the sweat from my feet. I don't usually take care of my feet much, so they get a little smelly and sweaty. I don't know when I last washed my feet. That a slave wants to lick my feet is therefore particularly cool for

Miss Adriana: You will be crushed under my bare foot. You enjoy your position as my victim and you are already greedy for my bare feet. Should I take off my dirty socks and press my bare soles into your slave's face? Hmm OK. Let's play. I slowly take off my socks and you can guess my bare foot. Now you see everything, my soles, my toes and my foot crashes

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick my smelly socks! When the slave has cleaned my boots, he gets to lick my smelly socks as a reward. I wore the socks for the slave for an extra long time and he can now lick the sweat and dirt off my socks. Suck my toes in the socks and massage my feet. Press your slave's face hard into my socks and inhale the scent

Miss Adriana: Do you like dirty smelly socks? I know that foot lovers also like well-worn, dirty and smelly socks. Are you ready to press your face into my dirty scented socks and inhale my foot scent? I take off my boots and show you my much worn white socks. I wore these socks for you this week and my footprint is on the soles. You could lick the dirt off

Goddess Sheila: Human footrest under my bare feet. I know that it is your unfulfilled dream that you may be my human footrest. It would be the fulfillment of your dreams when my little bare feet rest on your face and you are just a piece of furniture for me. For the slave this wish is now fulfilled. Are you jealous? I take off my socks that I've been wearing all

Goddess Sheila: You're licking my old slippers clean now. Do you see the dirt on the soles of my old slippers? I wear these slippers while cooking, going to the basement, relaxing, taking out the garbage, and exercising at home. A lot of dirt, a lot of dirt and a lot of sticky dust fluff is on my soles. Your task: Lick everything off my soles!. You can swallow and chew

Miss Maria J: I'm rubbing my pussy on his face again! I'm wearing my shiny black fetish underwear. This lingerie is very close to my skin and I feel everything! I now sit down hard on the slave's face again and ride his face. I love riding faces and stimulating myself in the process. The slave can't breathe anymore? I do not care about that! The main thing is that I

Lady Maria J.: Lick my socks clean after work. Immediately after leaving the office, I drive to our ladyhouse and use the foot slave to have my socks licked clean. I take off my sneakers and rub my salty, stinky socks over his face. He has to lick my socks and I stuff my feet in socks into his slave mouth. He has to wash my socks with his mouth. I

Princess Serena: The reward is my bare feet! After you licked my muddy sneakers, you now get my bare feet as a reward. I take off my sneakers and you will first lick the sweat from my bare feet and suck my toes. As a special task I will press my feet in the dirt again and will nibble the dirt off my feet and swallow it for dessert 🙂   Find

Princess Serena: Today you will be under my old pink slippers. Today will be a good day for you. Do you see my cute old pink slippers? Today you will be my living floor under these hot slippers. I will stand and walk on you with all my weight. I will ignore you and make fun of you. I'll chat with my girlfriends while you're under my feet. I'll enjoy a

Miss Maria J .: A naked face ride! I really want to ride the slave's face again and stimulate myself. I want to press and rub my pussy firmly on his face. I want to ride the face and feel his nose in my pussy. Of course I also press my hot big ass on his face and notice how it smells on my ass. Yes, put your nose deep in

Miss Luciana: My feet are licked for the first time! A special moment for me as a young mistress. For the first time my bare feet are licked by a foot slave. I can make myself comfortable and the slave has to crawl at my feet and wait for my orders. He can smell my feet and lick my soles. My feet are natural and unwashed. He should lick the sweat

Apprentice Miss Luciana: I work as an apprentice and always have my Birkenstock slippers on in the office. The dirt from the office sticks under the soles and the insoles have black marks from my feet, or from foot sweat and the dirt under my feet for months. I will make myself comfortable now and I let the foot slave lick my slippers. He should clean my Birkenstock sandals and

Miss Kitty Ink: I touch myself and stimulate myself while the slave licks his feet! I touch myself and make myself horny while the slave has to lick my feet. I can't do it normally anymore. I need someone to suck my toes and lick my soles. The feeling goes into my pussy and I have to touch myself. So I need a slave at least 3 times a day who

Miss Luciana: . It's the first time for me that a slave takes off my boots to lick and smell my musty, old socks. After kissing my UGGs boots, he can take off my boots and press his nose into my smelly socks. He has to smell my toes and inhale the sweat. Then I allow him to lick his socks and suck the salt out of my feet. Yes, suck

Miss Luciana: Lick the socks of a 19 year old mistress. after my dirty UGGs boots you are definitely horny for my fragrant socks. I wore these socks in my boots all day. The blue socks are warm and a little damp. These socks have been on my feet a lot, you can see that in the footprints under my socks. Do you want to press your face into my socks

Princess Serena: My slave pet has to suck my shoes clean. I love my white sneakers with the rhinestones on the edge, but unfortunately my shoes got dirty in this winter weather. The slave is asked by me to lick my shoes clean. He also has to answer me loud and clear when I tell him something. If he does not answer loud enough, he will be beaten and verbally abused.

Princess Serena: Eat my cornea and lick the corneal rasp. There are Fresschen slave! Come crawl to me and you will have your lunch. I use the corneal rasp to rasp the cornea off my toes and heel. The slave will eat the cornea and enjoy it. Lie on your back slave and open your mouth wide so that my corneal rasps fall right into your mouth. How does my cornea

Miss Kitty Ink: Lick the sweat off my bare feet! I take off my winter boots now, because such a foot slave can not only serve as a human footrest, but he can now also lick the sweat from my bare feet. After a day barefoot in my winter boots, my feet are warm and damp. The salty taste of my feet will delight the slave. My feet taste less intensely

Princess Serena: sock-smelling fun with my slave. I will use the slave for my fun today. I'll hop around and jump on him. I will use it for my fun without worry. I'm going to take off my sneakers and press my stinky socks on his face. I want him to suffer from me and my stinky socks. It's just a game device or a piece of furniture for me :).

Miss Kitty Ink: Suck the sweat out of my socks. I let the foot slave take off my Adidas sneakers and he can suck the sweat out of my socks. He can first smell my socks and then he can lick the socks thoroughly clean. My foot sweat from 3 days. is still in my socks. I want the slave to suck the sweat out of his socks and enjoy the

Miss Maria J .: A slave face as a throne for the lady! As a lady, I want a throne. But as a dominant lady who uses men as slaves, I want a slave face that I can sit on. The advantage of having a slave face as a throne is that you can stimulate yourself on your face and play with your breathing. He has to smell the lady's pussy

Miss Maria J .: You will drink my spit from the glass and from my feet today. I'll give you a lesson to overcome your disgust and drink my spit. You want to be my slave, then listen carefully: I'll spit into the glass now, I'll mix you a spit drink, haha. 🙂 You will drink the glass with my spit. Drink my spunk to the last drop, because afterwards you

Miss Maria J .: I rub my pussy and ass on his face. I sit back on a slave's face and rub my pussy on his face. I discovered that this stimulates me and to imagine that the slave is suffering from my pussy and gasping for air also turns me on. I also want to push his nose into my ass again and notice how he has to inhale the

Miss Mari Galore: Come on slave, now lick my bare feet! Now I want to see and enjoy how the slave licks and sucks my bare feet. At my command, the slave crawls at my feet and begins to smell them. I want to see his nose on my toes. I want him to inhale the scent of sweat on my toes. Then he can lick and suck my bare feet,

Princess Serena: Choked under the soles of my bare feet! It's time to take off my stinky socks and press the guy below me with my bare feet into his worthless face. I will close his mouth and nose with the soles of my feet and thus prevent him from breathing. I suffocate him under my feet and I notice how he begins to fidget and tremble under my feet. He

Miss Mari Galore: Suck my sneakers clean inside and out. The foot slave has to crawl to me and I give him the order that he has to lick my sneakers clean. The soles of the sneakers are dirty and he has to lick the soles clean. My sneakers have to be licked on all sides. I said yes that the sneakers also have to be licked clean from the inside,

Miss Mari Galore: I touch myself while the slave licks my bare feet. I lure the slave to me with my bare feet. My toes are an attractant, the scent, the sight. He crawls at my feet and begins to smell my toes. The scent that forms between my toes is breathtaking. He licks my bare soles (shoe size 38/39) and sucks my powerful toes. The salty taste of my bare feet

Miss Mari Galore: Suck my hot high heels - I want to watch you. I like smells and tastes myself. Oh, sometimes I smell my feet and shoes myself. But I also love to watch a slave licking my shoes clean. Not just from below. He also has to smell and lick the insoles with my footprints. That turns me on. Watching him lick his shoes makes me hot. The knowledge

Princess Serena: Choked under my smelly socks. I dominate the loser today under my stiff socks. Even more: I'll suffocate him under my stinky socks. I will take his breath away. He has to inhale the scent of my socks, but he can't really breathe because I press his mouth and nose shut with my socks. If you ever want to see a video of a slave being dominated under old,

Miss Viktoria C .: My bare feet as a reward. You now get my bare feet as a reward for your slave services. You licked my sneakers and socks clean and you can now take care of my bare feet. Do you like my bare feet? My soles are very soft and look good on your face. With my bare soles and my toes I play in front of your face.

Princess Serena: Nibble and suck the calluses off my feet! I take off my old house slippers and I give the slave the task of nibbling and sucking my dry hat and calluses from my feet. Know a cool thought that the slave has to swallow my cornea and lick my feet softly. That really turns me on. Come on, slave, look at my bare, sweaty feet. I haven't looked after

Princess Serena: After walking barefoot through the basement, he has to lick my dirty feet clean. I was barefoot in the basement and my feet got really dirty. Of course I didn't wipe my feet afterwards because I have a slave who will lick my dirty feet clean. His tongue will slide over my dirty soles like a cleaning rag. He's going to suck my toes off. I will press my

Princess Serena: Lick my old, dirty house slippers! These slippers really had to "suffer". I have 3 years now and I've worn them all over the place. They're just so comfortable and light. No matter if I had clean feet, sweaty feet or dirty feet. These house slippers have seen everything and I've never actually cleaned them. Under the dirty soles is the dust from those years. The dust from

Goddess Sheila: Your best experience, you under my bare feet. I offer you the absolute feeling and the best visual experience that you will ever have: You under my bare feet :). Your goddess is using you as a living floor and trampling on you. I will flatten you and make you suffer from the soles of my bare feet. And you will be happy to do it. Suffer for me

Goddess Sheila: Kicks and kisses! I think it's good when a slave thanks me for my kicks by kissing my feet. I kick his face with my bare feet, my little feet (shoe size 36) hit his face and he has to thank him with foot kisses. I love this game and I let my feet and little toes be sucked and cleaned with my tongue at the same time. As

Goddess Sheila: I'll kick my house socks in your face. My house socks are dusty and have a slightly musty scent. So just right to press it in the slave's face. I've made up my mind to alternately kick my socks in the face and then let him kiss and lick my socks. He can lick the dust off my socks and I push my socks deep into his slave's mouth,

Miss Maria J .: The slave face in my pussy and ass. It's my 2nd facesitting session and I want to fully feel the slave face now. Therefore I now press the slave face in my naked pussy and in my bare ass. I want to ride his face with my beautiful pussy and he should inhale the scent of my ass. I press my butt hole directly on his nose,

Miss Maria J .: I want to ride a face! I've discovered a new preference. When I sat down on a face for the first time, I had the feeling and the desire to ride this face and stick his nose into my pussy. I also like to clamp a face in my ass. He can then inhale the scent of my ass and enjoy the scent. I stimulate myself on

Princess Serena: Crawl up to me and kiss my feet! I keep the slave on a leash and he can kiss my bare feet in greeting. He can kiss and lick my toes and the soles of my feet. He can continue to crawl on the floor and lick the soles of his feet from bottom to top, suck my heel. Then the loser is allowed to lie on his back

Princess Serena: My socks hard in his slave's face. The loser lies right at my feet. A perfect position to dominate and tease him. The loser can kiss my silver sneakers and then take them off. Then I press my musty socks into his slave's face. I hit him with my socks and he can kiss them gratefully. Pressing my toes on his nose is especially fun and I notice

Princess Serena: Lick my never washed socks - so gross. The new slave is allowed to kiss the cute and dirty Adidas sneakers to greet me. I want to see how much he adores me. Then he can take off my sneakers and reveal my disgusting socks that have never been washed. A real challenge for the new slave. The socks are so dirty and smelly. He can suck my socks

Princess Serena: You as a human floor under my dirty Adidas sneakers. I know you want to be a living floor under me for once. I'm supposed to step on you and flatten you. Your world is under my feet. Your first experience will be that I will flatten you under my dirty Adidas sneakers. I walk around on you, I jump on you and I stomp on you with

Lady Karey: A tongue under my feet! I take off my socks and sit relaxed over my slave. He can lick my bare feet and enjoy being able to warm my feet with his face. I relax naked over him and I think he likes the view. A naked mistress who presses her feet into his face. He can lick my soles and toes. A foot massage with the tongue is

Miss Karey: You as a living floor under my socks. I take off my boots and trample you in my dusty, scented socks. Do you like my weight Do you want me to dance on you Shall I crush you? Look how it looks when I walk around on you in old socks and flatten you. I like to crush you under my socks and I'll finish you off. Are

Miss Karey: Lick my bare feet! The foot slave is allowed to take off my cleanly licked high heels and then lick my bare, sweaty feet. The soles of my feet taste very salty and my skin is very soft. Nobody has licked my feet before. It is a special, turn-on feeling for me to feel a tongue under the soles of my feet. I ignore the slave again and

Miss Karey: It's the first time a slave has licked my boots! I've heard of foot slaves even licking your dirty boots clean. I try it out and sit on the couch and give the slave the instruction to lick my street boots clean. He has to kiss my boots and lick the big and fat profile clean. I want to see the dirt from my boots on his tongue.

Mistress Maria: My first session in which I take the slave's air with my feet. I sat on the slave and I start this new game for myself. I press my bare feet on his face. With my bare soles I press his mouth and nose shut and let him suffer from the pressure of my feet. If he perseveres well, he can lick my feet in between and then the

Mistress Maria: Suffer under my pussy and my ass. A new way for me to dominate the slave is by sitting on his face and taking the air to breathe. I sat down with my big ass on his slave face and enjoy the feeling under and in my ass. I press my pussy in the slip on his nose and it sinks deep inside me. His face is covered

Mistress Maria: My dirty, stinky work socks are being licked. After my dirty work sneakers, I now press my dirty and stinky work socks into the slave's face. The angel has to lick my socks and I kick his face. He has to inhale the scent and enjoy my feet in my socks. His face is at most a footrest for me and an object that I can dominate and

Mistress Maria: You are now licking my dirty Nike sneakers clean. I come straight from work. I work in a warehouse and the sneakers are absolutely dirty and the profile is dirty. I press the slave's dirty sneakers into his face and I want him to lick the dirt off. He's supposed to lick the dirt off the profile and I'll kick his face as a reward. He should also inhale

Goddess Sheila: Lick my dance high heels from the club. At the weekend I dance professionally in a club as an animation dancer. I like to be admired by the men and I love to play with my charms. Nobody is allowed to touch me. But many men also look very closely at my feet and heels. These are potential slaves for me because these guys are bound to be

Pure stinky sock worship 2 sessions PINK SOCKS: Today I'm going to humiliate the slave with my pink stinky socks. He has to lick my pink socks and smell them. In the meantime I take pictures for my friends with my cell phone. I make fun of him. I make it my submissive sock licker. It is always a friend to see how greedy slaves lick my feet. THE LIGHT YELLOW SOCKS: He should suck the dust

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: I now need an intense foot massage. I love foot massages. A new way of massaging my feet is that the slave does not use his hands but his tongue. This means that the slave should not lightly lick my feet, but rather massage my soles with a strong tongue. My toes also need to be massaged by sucking hard. I want to relax and enjoy

PANTIES FACE SITTING with Princess Serena  On the bed: You little loser. You nothing. You miserable creature. You will adore my ass. Lick my ass and kiss my ass. pass my ass and adore my ass. I may sit on your face and use you as a human cushion. Take a good look at my ass. Isn't my ass awesome? It will be a happy feeling for you to lie under my

17 MINUTE FOR LOVER of OLD, SMALLY ADIDAS SNEAKERS and SWEET BARE FEET! OLD SNEKAERS POV: Goddess Sheila: My old, well-worn Adidas sneakers have to be licked clean. I have a special surprise for you today. Today you will lick my old, often worn Adidas sneakers clean. I particularly value clean shoe soles. Of course, the soles of my shoes are dusty and dirty. You now know your task. But I

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: Now my bare feet are washed with the tongue. After the foot slave has licked my dusty ballerinas clean, outer soles and inner soles, he can now massage and wash my bare feet with his tongue. I want my tongue to slide over the soles of my bare feet and my toes to be licked gently. I enjoy the feel of a tongue and between my

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: Lick my dusty ballet flats clean! Before I let a foot slave on my bare feet, he first has to prove his submissiveness to me by licking and kissing my shoes. First task: The slave has to lick my dusty ballet flats clean. I use these shoes a lot for summer walks and for quick shopping. You can easily slip into these shoes. I also don't

Goddess Sheila: Your place at my sexy feet. I will now show you again where your place for the future is. Your place is at my feet. A slave always has to look up at a goddess like me. I take off my Adidas sneakers and show you my bare, adorable feet. My feet are wet and tasty. A sweet, yet slightly salty taste will overwhelm you. I am in

SNEAKERS: Young Mistress Serena tramples her victim brutally under her dirty sneakers. She crushes his face and head under her weight and she jumps very hard on his body, hands and arms. If he objected, she punished him with the long whip. She punished him without consideration, who opened his mouth. In the end, his battered and whipped body stayed behind. BAREFOOT: Very brutal barefoot trampling session with Mistress Serena. She

Goddess Sheila: I let him suffer from my bare feet. My human footrest is still under my smelly, dirty socks. It is time for him to suffer from my bare feet. I take off my socks and press my bare, wet feet into the slave's face. What a great feeling. A slave's face as a human footrest. The slave should now smell my bare feet and lick my bare soles. I

Princess Serena: I dominate my slave with my dirty sneakers. Hey loser, check out what I do to slaves when I'm really pissed off. I let him lick my dirty sneakers clean from him and hit him with my shoes. This loser is just an animal to me that I will trample under my sneakers. Look at how the slave licks my dirty sneakers clean and I crush his face

Goddess Sheila: Lick my dirty socks while I ignore you! The place of a foot slave is under the feet of his mistress, whether under her bare feet, her shoes, or her socks. I now press my dirty socks into the slave's face, with which I was today in the basement and on my terrace. The slave should lick my dirty socks clean and swallow the dirt. At the same

Goddess Sheila: I have my old Adidas sneakers cleaned. My old Adidas sneakers must have been worn hundreds of times without washing the sneakers. I often wear these old sneakers in bad weather and mostly barefoot. I call the foot slave and have my sneakers cleaned from his tongue. He has to lick the dusty and dirty soles of my shoes and the leather of the sneakers clean. Then he

Goddess Sheila: My old, well-worn Adidas sneakers have to be licked clean. I have a special surprise for you today. Today you will lick my old, often worn Adidas sneakers clean. I particularly value clean shoe soles. Of course, the soles of my shoes are dusty and dirty. You now know your task. But I also don't like when my insoles smell like foot sweat, so you'll lick my tattered

Miss Shenya: Do you want to lick my festival boots? I'm wearing my Festival Doc Martens and you gave me a sign that you like these boots. Do you want to kiss and lick my boots? This is something very new to me, but just come closer and lick my boots. I hope you don't mind the dirt on my boots, or do you like to lick it off? Then

Miss Shenya: My well-worn Birkenstock sandals. I noticed that you are always looking at my feet. Do you stand on my feet I have very natural feet without painted toenails. I hope you like that. I also wear my favorite Birkenstock shoes on every occasion. These are so comfortable and they suit me. Do you also like Birkenstock shoes for girls? Because I wear these shoes so often, my footprints

BBW Mistress Cora: I ride the loser's face in jeans. Now the loser gets my ass in the face again and I ride his face. The lollipop tastes good and I have the slave face between my legs and my powerful thighs. Now first sit on his face and take his breath away. I play with my weight and I make it suffer. I love to dominate the slave and

BBW Mistress Cora: I crushed the slave under my dirty shoes. I'm trampling on my slave again. today he has the honor of being crushed under my dirty shoes. I stand on his body and play with my weight. Of course I put my shoes on his slave's face. Old shoes in his face

BBW Mistress Cora: The loser licks my dirty Adidas sneakers clean. I now sit down on the loser first so that he knows where his place is: Below me! I am sure that he likes my weight and that he is already aroused. I know that the slave even licks shoes clean and I'll use that now. My Adidas sneakers are dirty and the slave first has to lick my

Princess Serena: The foot slave under my beanbag. Today I am playing a new game with my foot slave. I put a beanbag on his body and sat on it. His face then serves as a footrest for me. So it is not only my footrest, but also has to carry all of my weight. I think it feels like a carpet. A carpet that also licks my feet and

Goddess Sheila: My absolute favorite thing is still when I can step on a slave. I love those kicks in his face and his reactions. His whining motivates me and spurs me on to step on him harder and harder. I like to stand on his face with full weight and feel his face being squashed under the soles of my bare feet. I could do barefoot trampling all day.

MILF Mistress Laura L .: Are you enjoying the sight? You kneel in front of my couch and I relax naked in the living room. You can look at me, but you can only touch my feet. You will lick my red painted toes and suck my soles. My feet are driving you crazy, right? Enjoy your time at my feet and I enjoy having a foot slave like you.

MILF Mistress Laura L .: Are you enjoying the sight? You kneel in front of my couch and I relax naked in the living room. You can look at me, but you can only touch my feet. You will lick my red painted toes and suck my soles. My feet are driving you crazy, right? Enjoy your time at my feet and I enjoy having a foot slave like you.

Miss Eagle: I love to watch the foot slave suffer under my feet. I press my bare soles into his slave's face and squeeze hard. He can't get air under my feet and he can't breathe. My feet clasp his nose and squeeze his mouth shut. When I let the slave breathe, he has to lick his feet and nibble my calluses on his heels at the same time. Then