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Queen Marie Müller: Spit on and flattened under my feet! I have my victim between my legs again. I love flattening his head with my thighs and spitting on him at the same time. My feet are barefoot in my Buffalo sneakers. I will now take off my shoes and press

Lady Nisha: After work my feet are licked and massaged with the tongue! The convenient thing about being a mistress is that you have a slave and a submissive for everything. I like working in the gym, I meet all my friends there. In the evening my favorite slippers are dirty and

Queen Marie Müller: You will suck my extremely worn socks. Do you want to do my laundry, you little loser? But first my baby blue Buffalo sneakers get kissed. Worship my shoes first. You really traveled to my city and got a hotel room just to suck and smell my dirty socks?

Lady Nisha: Who else wants to lick dirty sports socks? I haven't fully exhausted myself in the gym today because I still have aggression in me. But my socks are sweaty and the dirt from the gym is naturally stuck under the soles. So what's the best way to react? Of

Queen Marie Müller: A dream of licking feet in pink! Sweet buffalo shoes, socks and hot feet! I think I'm going to fulfill my foot-cunt's foot-licking dream today. Today I'm dressed super cute and now I'm going to turn him on with my feet. I think he has a desire to

Queen Marie Müller: I smear my spit with my feet on his face. I love these power games. I love being on top and subduing my victims. How can I subjugate my victims? What could be more humiliating than having my spit and smelly soles on your face. A mix of

Queen Marie Müller: My hard hotel trampling session. The guy pays a lot of money and has come to my town just for me to use as a doormat and rug. First, I clean my yellow Buffalo sneakers on my living doormat. dirt to dirt. Then I'll kick him flat. He

Lady Sümeyra: Sometimes I like to walk my slaves on a leash, so I have better control over them and can lead them better. Today I want to let off some steam and let my victim press my stinky socks in his face and take off the socks. He's allowed to kiss

Queen Marie Müller: Today you lick my Nike sneakers clean or I'll kick your balls. I'll visit you in the hotel room today. Since you have already set up my throne for me and kneel in front of the chair. I'm not wearing Buffalo sneakers today. Today I'm wearing my 1.5

Lady Nicole: trampled flat under my socks. I'll take off my sneakers now and we'll use my human rug. I'll trample him under my scented socks and enjoy the feeling of standing over him and owning someone who likes to be my human carpet. But it is also very important to

Queen Marie Müller: I dominate the slave under my feet in the hotel toilet. My slave is where he belongs: At my feet on the hotel toilet. I'm going to give him a little lesson now, a glorious punishment under my soles. I have it under my pink Buffalo sneakers at

Lady Sümeyra: I feel like an oriental queen. I'm sitting on my throne in a sexy dress and wearing my jewellery, rings, anklets and more. At my feet a human footrest. I feel like an oriental queen. I place my feet on a slave's face and enjoy my position. I get my

Queen Marie Müller: My private foot video from the hotel lobby A friend filmed me with her cell phone in the hotel lobby, as I was waiting for a slave who was about to pamper my bare feet. I'm sitting barefoot in the lobby and one of these objects I'm looking

Lady Nisha: I press my socks in the loser's face. I've just come from breakfast with a friend and my slave is still waiting in front of my bed. First I press my dirty slippers in his face and let him suffer a little. Then I take off my slippers and

Miss Kira-Lis: My first foot dominance session with a slave. He wears a collar and I have the leash. I have him, the foot slave, lying at my feet for the first time, so that I can let off steam and lick my feet and shoes clean. I, a woman from

Lady Nisha: You're in the mood for my hot, dirty sports socks! You train at the same gym as me. I saw you at practice today. I also saw that you probably have a fetish. You always looked at my dusty socks when I took off my sports shoes during my

Lady Sümeyra: After the belly dance, my feet are licked clean. Belly dancing is a Turkish tradition and is also my hobby. I love to dance and I love to dance barefoot. My feet sometimes get dusty while dancing and need real pampering. My latest hobby is having my feet licked

Lady Nisha: He licks my hot feet clean now after the gym. I let the foot slave take off my stinky and dirty sports socks and then he is allowed to inhale my wonderful, salty foot scent. Yes, he should press his face firmly into the soles of my feet and

Lady Nicole: I can seduce with my feet and make you wantless. My human bedside rug stands on feet, I know that. He likes to be a bedside rug and his place is under my feet. I want to make him beg now. I want him to beg to lick my

Lady Nisha: The guy gets my leisure slippers, my feet and my spit! I now sit down on the worthless slave object and will dominate him under my feet. The slave will now serve my dirty leisure slippers and my bare feet. I will hit him and slap him with my

Queen Marie Müller: I want my black Buffalo clogs and my feet to be licked. But hurry now! On your knees to me and your face at my feet! I now let the foot slave lick my black Buffalo clogs clean. The soles are dusty and I just want to see

Miss Anastasia: You will now massage my bare feet with your tongue. I now take off my musty house socks for you and a warm foot scent flows towards you. I want you to massage my feet with your tongue now. You will start at my heels and then slowly, very

Lady Nisha: I'll have my stinky sports socks sucked clean! The loser is allowed to take off my heavily used sports sneakers after exercise and smell my dusty and stinky sports socks directly. But this is only a start. He will now suck the dirt and sweat out of my socks

Miss Anastasia S.: I will crush you under my bare feet! You're lying defenseless under me again and I'm now taking off my fragrant socks and you can now see my bare feet. I want to crush you under my bare feet now. But not only that, because I'll let you

Miss Anastasia S.: I fuck his mouth with my feet! In the bathroom he has to lie on the floor under me again and he has to take off my socks. I now want to dominate under my bare feet and let the slave wash my feet. I want to fuck

Lady Sümeyra: He licks the bare feet of a Turkish mistress clean! The foot slave can now take off my extremely sweaty socks and enjoy the scent of my bare feet directly. I want him to press his nose right between my toes and inhale the scent. By the way, I

Queen Marie Müller: I love his face at my feet. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but when someone begs to kiss and lick my feet, it turns me on a lot. But before someone can touch my feet, they first have to submit to me and say how

Lady Nicole: The absolute seduction with dirty socks. I can play very well with a slave and drive her really crazy. A question and answer game. A game with temptation and its desire. I let him describe his lust, the lust for the smell and the taste of my dirty socks.

Queen Marie Müller: I humiliate the loser with my feet and my spit. I sit down on the loser and will now humiliate him with my bare feet. What else is demeaning? If I spit in his face? OK, so now I'll spit in his face and then hit him with

Queen Marie Müller: I want to play with him under my feet. I feel like playing with a foot slave under my feet again. I don't let myself tease him under my feet. First I let my black Buffalo sneakers be licked and kissed. He has to do that to give

Miss Anastasia: I want to put my bare feet in your mouth! First I let the foot slave lick the dirty soles of my UGGs boots as a sign of his submissiveness. Then he has the honor of taking off my boots and licking the sweat off my bare feet. I

Lady Nisha: I feel like crushing you under my sports sneakers. Get on your knees, I have something to tell you. Listen carefully! I haven't exhausted myself completely today and still feel like crushing a slave under my sports sneakers. Down with you and look up at me! Look at the dirty

Lady Nisha: Look how I hurt slaves under my feet. I have my slave lying at my feet. I have him on a leash and I'm going to hurt him now. I will finish him under my feet and dominate him. I brutally smother him and I punch and kick him

Queen Marie Müller: I'll press my whole feet into you, you footrest! The human footpad lies beneath me and my piunk Buffalo clogs, but I'm going to take off my shoes now and press my scented feet into his face and rub my damp soles through his face. I'll push

Queen Marie Müller: You're hot for my white, dirty Buffalo clogs. You saw me the other day on my bike riding past her. A slim, sweet girl with a short skirt on a bicycle saddle, long bare legs and white, badly used, dirty Buffalo clogs on her feet. You didn't know where

Lady Nisha: My new loser licks my shoes and feet. Tied up and humiliated, my new loser wants to lie in front of me and be at my mercy. The small wight is allowed to kiss and lick my shoes first and I see the greed in his eyes. The little

Queen Marie Müller: While I listen to music, he has to suck my feet! After I stuffed my socks down his throat, he can now take care of my bare feet. Before that I notice that I'm also slightly sweaty under my arms and I think it's a good idea to let

Queen Marie Müller: He will now suck my dirty socks. I sit down on my slave and will now ask him to suck my dirty socks. I want to relax a little and that includes dominating my slave a little. I've been walking around in socks all day

My dirty boots are now being thoroughly licked clean Goddess Sheila: My dirty boots are now being thoroughly licked clean. When I come home, my slave has to kneel in his place and await his duties. I know that he enjoys fulfilling my wishes and fulfilling his tasks. For that he gets

Lady JoJo: He has to lick extremely dirty socks clean! I have a real surprise for the foot licker: If he takes off my sneakers now, he will discover my extremely dirty socks. He now has to lick these extremely dirty and frequently worn socks clean. But not immediately. First he

Goddess Sheila: He's eating candy out of my sweaty socks now. I now take off my boots and reveal my smelly, sweaty socks. But that's not all. I put candy in my socks under the soles of my feet before I went into town this morning. The little loser on the

Miss Anastasia S & Lady JoJo: Today I'm showing my friend how to trample a face flat. I, Miss Anastasia S., am today showing my friend Lady JoJo, who is new to the lady house as a mistress, how to kick a face flat, or how to use a human rug.

Lady JoJo: My ignored human footrest. After a long day at the Lady House, I'll prepare for my last appointment with a slave. I also ordered a human footrest because I always have cold feet. He has to lie in front of the dressing table and I place my feet directly

Lady Nisha: The slave has to worship my feet on all fours. I want the foot slave to crawl to me on all fours and pay homage to my feet. I'll show him now how I like it. He should crawl and ask me with his looks and his words to

Queen Marie Müller: The slave may now lick my steaming socks clean. The foot slave is allowed to take off my white Buffalo sneakers and a musty smell, a mix of damp fabric and foot sweat, wafts towards us. After he has carefully put my shoes aside, he is allowed to

Lady Nicole: . After training, I take off my sports socks and see how it is already affecting my bare feet and my foot scent. My salty soles are what he desires. But at first he is only allowed to look at the soles of my feet and enjoy the sight.

Miss Marie Müller: Now my white Buffalo sneakers will be licked clean! My white Buffalo sneakers are dirty on the soles and residue from the last party is stuck to the sides of the shoes. It's time for a foot slave to clean my shoes. I want to see his tongue

Goddess Sheila: You are at my feet while I tell you about my slaves. Well you slave contender. I will now tell you about my slaves while you may kneel at my feet. I'll tell you about my cleaning slaves, my shoe slaves and the slave who is allowed to clean

Goddess Sheila: I let the slave clean my black sneakers thoroughly. I'm going to test the skills of a new foot slave now. My black sneakers are very dirty from frequent wear and dirt and stones are stuck in the grooves of my soles. The slave will now lick my dirty

Miss Anastasia & Lady JoJo: we both dominate our human footrest under our stinky socks! Me, Anastasia S., and my friend Lady JoJo have a human footrest tied up in front of the couch. Both of us will now dominate our slaves under our stinky socks. Lady JoJo and I rub

Lady Nisha: I trample and crush the slave's face under my bare feet! It is a wonderful feeling for me when I feel something being crushed and destroyed under the pressure of my feet. I especially like slave faces under my hot, sweaty feet! My 70kg muscle mass and beauty press

Lady Nicole: I want a slave face under my sports socks! Today I will play with the slave for the first time. Immediately after going to the gym, I want him to lie under me like a carpet and I will take off my sports sneakers over him. The scent of