Miss Anastasia S.

Miss Anastasia is a beautiful slim mistress with beautiful feet. She loves to use her soft soles to seduce men or dominate slaves. Miss Anastasia S. loves her own feet very much and always has perfectly painted toenails. She loves the colors soft pink or baby blue. She also wears a toe ring, which she almost never takes off, as well as a delicate anklet. Miss Anastasia is a dancer and loves her dogs very much.
Slaves may spoil her feet for hours, kiss them from above and below and caress them. Since Miss Anastasia often has cold feet, she likes to push her toe or foot into a slave’s warm mouth to warm her feet. A warm face as a human footrest is just as desired. As punishment, she likes to kick slaves in the face with her bare feet, and she really likes the smell of the soles of her feet slapping the slave’s face.

Special feature: Miss Anastasia S. is a delicate but dominant being with soft, delicate soles and beautiful toes.

Additional Informations

163 cm

Hair Color:

36,5 EU / 6.0 US / foot length  23,2 cm


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Lady Anastasia: The first time that a foot slave licks my pretty, sexy feet! I am a beautiful lady and I love to drive men crazy with my pretty little feet (size 36/37). I also love dominant games and having my

Miss Anastasia S.: I fuck his mouth with my feet! In the bathroom he has to lie on the floor under me again and he has to take off my socks. I now want to dominate under my bare feet and

Miss Anastasia: I kick him and press my bare feet in his face! You know I always feel like stepping on a slave. This time my victim should feel my bare soles! The slave lies like a carpet under me and

Miss Anastasia S. : I let my dirty socks be licked clean. I call the foot slave and let my dirty sneakers kiss me as a greeting. Then he has to take off my shoes and press his face into my

Miss Anastasia S & Lady JoJo: Today I'm showing my friend how to trample a face flat. I, Miss Anastasia S., am today showing my friend Lady JoJo, who is new to the lady house as a mistress, how to kick

Miss Anastasia: I want to put my bare feet in your mouth! First I let the foot slave lick the dirty soles of my UGGs boots as a sign of his submissiveness. Then he has the honor of taking off my

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Princess Alena: I love to skate and I have a few favorite skater shoes: my favorite vans. I almost always wear them and these shoes smell extremely of my feet and my sweaty feet. However, I have never washed them

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick the sweat off my feet now. After my boots and socks have been licked clean by the slave, he can now suck the sweat from my feet. I don't usually take care of my feet much,

Princess Serena: Today you will be under my old pink slippers. Today will be a good day for you. Do you see my cute old pink slippers? Today you will be my living floor under these hot slippers. I will stand

Princess Serena: And again there are adorable smelly socks for you, you loser. Put your face in my old, stinky, discolored and unwashed socks. My socks are already very hard from the salty foot sweat that has collected in the