Miss Anastasia S.

Miss Anastasia is a beautiful slim mistress with beautiful feet. She loves to use her soft soles to seduce men or dominate slaves. Miss Anastasia S. loves her own feet very much and always has perfectly painted toenails. She loves the colors soft pink or baby blue. She also wears a toe ring, which she almost never takes off, as well as a delicate anklet. Miss Anastasia is a dancer and loves her dogs very much.
Slaves may spoil her feet for hours, kiss them from above and below and caress them. Since Miss Anastasia often has cold feet, she likes to push her toe or foot into a slave’s warm mouth to warm her feet. A warm face as a human footrest is just as desired. As punishment, she likes to kick slaves in the face with her bare feet, and she really likes the smell of the soles of her feet slapping the slave’s face.

Special feature: Miss Anastasia S. is a delicate but dominant being with soft, delicate soles and beautiful toes.

Additional Informations

163 cm

Hair Color:

36,5 EU / 6.0 US / foot length  23,2 cm


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Miss Anastasia S.: A new 25 minute session for you and my foot slave! It's starting again. I have a new session with my foot slave. But first I introduce my cute shoes, socks and feet again. Look at my black

Miss Anastasia: I kick him and press my bare feet in his face! You know I always feel like stepping on a slave. This time my victim should feel my bare soles! The slave lies like a carpet under me and

Miss Anastasia S.: After the winter walk I use my foot slave! In this video you experience the complete session with my foot slave after a winter walk. The slave will lick and feel my dirty UGGs boots, my old, warm,

Miss Anastasia S. : I let my dirty socks be licked clean. I call the foot slave and let my dirty sneakers kiss me as a greeting. Then he has to take off my shoes and press his face into my

Miss Anastasia S.: I dominate the slave with my dirty slippers and my bare feet! I will play with my slave again today. Today he will feel my old slippers and my bare feet. First I show you my dusty and

Lady Anastasia: The first time that a foot slave licks my pretty, sexy feet! I am a beautiful lady and I love to drive men crazy with my pretty little feet (size 36/37). I also love dominant games and having my

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Princess Alena: Today is again time for a foot dominance punishment. The foot slave gets a few kicks from me. Like a pet he is on a leash, he lies at my feet and I kick his face with my

Mistress Maria: You are now licking my dirty Nike sneakers clean. I come straight from work. I work in a warehouse and the sneakers are absolutely dirty and the profile is dirty. I press the slave's dirty sneakers into his face

Goddess Sheila: Kicks and kisses! I think it's good when a slave thanks me for my kicks by kissing my feet. I kick his face with my bare feet, my little feet (shoe size 36) hit his face and he has

Goddess Sheila: I like to vent my aggressions on a foot slave. This time I stand on the slave with my full weight and hit his face with my sweet little feet. I stamp and step on his face until

Lady Karey: A tongue under my feet! I take off my socks and sit relaxed over my slave. He can lick my bare feet and enjoy being able to warm my feet with his face. I relax naked over him and

Princess Serena: After licking my dirty sneakers clean and telling me the sweat from my stinky socks, you can now pamper my bare, fragrant feet. Look at her! Do my feet make you horny? Are you excited yet? My feet