Licking feet, ballbusting and foot sweat corona mask

Goddess Sheila: licking feet, ballbusting and foot sweat corona mask.
After shopping and a long walk, I now want a foot massage with his tongue from the foot slave. I also want him to lick the sweat and sticky sock lint off my feet and between my toes too. I have a wonderful surprise for the slave today. I stuck a pink corona mask to the soles of my bare feet, then put on socks and boots and went shopping. He’s allowed to wear this mask, soaked in sweat, outside today if he’s done his job to my satisfaction. A stupid slave wearing a pink mask that smells like my feet…haha. But I will not make his task too easy for him. While he is allowed to lick my bare feet, I kick his balls. Bam bam, his balls hurt and he can’t take his tongue off my bare feet… haha… well, he’s just greedy to get the mask….:D