You will suck my extremely worn socks

Queen Marie Müller: You will suck my extremely worn socks.

Do you want to do my laundry, you little loser? But first my baby blue Buffalo sneakers get kissed. Worship my shoes first.
You really traveled to my city and got a hotel room just to suck and smell my dirty socks? You’re probably a real fan of my worn, smelly socks. Look at my socks! I wore them all day yesterday, at the lake in my shoes. On the balcony without shoes and in the city. There’s lint and dirt sticking under my soles. Lick the dirt off my socks, loser! and then open your mouth, I want to fuck your mouth with my socks. It turns me on especially when a loser like that greedily nibbles the dirt off your socks. Next time I’ll bring you socks I went to a party with. I’ll party and you’ll pay!