A new 25 minute session for you and my foot slave!

Miss Anastasia S.: A new 25 minute session for you and my foot slave!

It’s starting again. I have a new session with my foot slave. But first I introduce my cute shoes, socks and feet again. Look at my black sneakers, they’re a bit dirty, but I know you’d lick my sneakers clean, right? Then I hold my dusty, much-worn socks in your face. Well, do you want to put your face in my socks? Of course you can admire my bare feet and I know that you would like to lick my feet.
Now it starts: I let the slave lick my dirty sneakers and my musty socks. I enjoy the sight of a slave kneeling passionately at my feet and worshiping my feet. But I prefer to let my bare feet be pampered. I like tongue foot massages. A great feeling.
After that I will dominate the slave a little bit under my feet as a reward. I kick him and get my toes sucked. I stomp on his face and walk over him. That’s the way it has to be.


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