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Pure stinky sock worship 2 sessions

by fetishtainment

Pure stinky sock worship 2 sessions

PINK SOCKS: Today I’m going to humiliate the slave with my pink stinky socks. He has to lick my pink socks and smell them. In the meantime I take pictures for my friends with my cell phone. I make fun of him. I make it my submissive sock licker. It is always a friend to see how greedy slaves lick my feet.

THE LIGHT YELLOW SOCKS: He should suck the dust and sweat out of my sock. So I take off my Adidas sneakers and let the slave smell my fragrant socks. His anticipation is growing. Now I allow him to lick my socks and suck out the dust and sweat. It’s a nice feeling to have a slave who sucks my socks clean while I brush my hair.

(german spoken)

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