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Learn to worship stinky old socks!

by fetishtainment

Part 1) Do you like sweaty socks? Do you like the wonderful smell of my socks? I’ll let you pass 2 pairs of my stinkiest socks and you have to tell me which pair you like better and why. I let you lick and kiss 4 smelly socks. You will suck the sweat from my socks and eat the sock lint. Are you already very greedy for my socks?

Part 2) Princess Serena: And again there are adorable smelly socks for you, you loser. Put your face in my old, stinky, discolored and unwashed socks. My socks are already very hard from the salty foot sweat that has collected in the socks. Come on, lick it off! Lick my stinky socks.



Clips4Sale: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/105244/24158719/you-will-learn-to-worship-the-most-stinky-socks-ever-princess-serena-4k-uhd-mp4


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