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When I used my new foot slave for the first time

by fetishtainment

Goddess Sheila: Before I met my friends in the shisha bar, you licked my dirty shoes clean. But: I don’t want to go to the bar with sweaty feet either. You will now lick the sweat off my feet. I hope the salty taste is nice for you. I would also like a toe massage with your tongue and you will lick the sweat between my toes. Massage each toe individually and extensively. Blow my big toe. I want to see this picture of a foot slave blowing my toes.

After the foot slave has licked my shoes, he of course still has to lick the sweat from my bare soles. When I meet my friends in the shisha bar, I don’t want to have sweaty feet. I take advantage of the situation and let my toes be pampered. The slave should massage my toes with his tongue and lick the sweat out between the toes. I enjoy using a foot slave more and more. You too can become my foot slave. Sign up on the main page.

Goddess Sheila is a sexy young woman with a great body and wonderful blond hair. She has small feet, size 36 EU and likes to wear platform sandals and high heels from the Pleaser company. Goddess Sheila smells of Pure XS by Paco Rabanne and Hyponic Poison by Dior. Goddess Sheila likes to go partying. She also dances as a GoGo girl in well-known clubs and she likes EDM.
She had her first foot fat experience at the age of 15, when in an intimate moment she asked her boyfriend at the time to lick her feet. Goddess Sheila wants her foot slaves to lick their feet and especially to suck their toes. But she still wants a money slave, a leak slave and a cleaning slave for her at home.

Special abnormalities: Goddess Sheila has beautiful little feet with delicate, adorable toes.





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