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Next lesson for my foot slave: Lick my favorite fetish heels

by fetishtainment
Miss Kitten: I have another lesson for you today, my foot slave. You will lick my favorite heels clean. I like to wear these to fetish parties and sessions. You will lick every inch of my shoes clean. Especially you will suck the soles of my fetish clean. I will then run through the urine on the floor of the women’s toilet and then you can lick it clean again. I don’t care about your disgust. 

Miss Kittyen is a very dominant young woman who likes to go barefoot and like to touch things with her bare feet. Miss Kitten works as a hairdresser during the day and shows her second face in the evening. She loves the special, the extreme. She describes herself as 99% lesbian, but loves to have a sugar daddy. She likes to go to gothic and fetish parties in the evenings. At these parties, she likes to hire a slave who has to clean her ski boots, even if she comes directly from the ladies’ toilet.

Special feature: Miss Kitten likes to wear latex and likes to touch everything with her feet. She likes to run barefoot and has dirty feet in the evening. Wouldn’t that be something for you?





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