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Elsis ignored footslave

by fetishtainment

Miss Elsi Spring: I have a job for the foot slave again. As always, he has to get to my feet while I relax. I chat with slaves who want to buy my socks and shoes. The foot slave has to lick my feet in time and massage my feet with my tongue. He mustn’t stop, otherwise he gets 1 week of foot withdrawal and I’m looking for another foot slave. So foot slave, stick to my feet and lick the soles of your feet and suck my toes.

The pretty alternative gothgirl Elsi Spring has a wonderful, slightly arrogant way of subjugating her slave. She likes to rub her sweaty, natural feet over the face of a foot slave. It is a pleasure to lick the salty sweat from the bare soles of the feet. Miss Elsi Spring loves acting, she makes her own films and she enjoys experimenting. Elsi’s delicious feet are a must for anyone who likes natural feet without nail polish. Elsi also sells her used shoes and she knows that slaves are content with their old, stinky shoes….

Special abnormalities: Miss Elsi has particularly sweaty feet and a wonderful scent.





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