Miss Anastasia & Lady JoJo: we both dominate our human footrest under our stinky socks! Me, Anastasia S., and my friend Lady JoJo have a human footrest tied up in front of the couch. Both of us will now dominate our slaves under our stinky socks. Lady JoJo and I rub

Lady Nisha: I trample and crush the slave's face under my bare feet! It is a wonderful feeling for me when I feel something being crushed and destroyed under the pressure of my feet. I especially like slave faces under my hot, sweaty feet! My 70kg muscle mass and beauty press

Lady Nicole: I want a slave face under my sports socks! Today I will play with the slave for the first time. Immediately after going to the gym, I want him to lie under me like a carpet and I will take off my sports sneakers over him. The scent of

Lady Nicole: You will now spoil my bare feet. I still relax in the morning and lie on the couch with my bathrobe on. After you have kissed and licked my slippers, you will now spoil my bare feet. Don't stop so fast. You will first look at my feet, then you may

Lady JoJo & Miss Anastasia: The slave will now lick our shoes clean. We're both relaxing at the ladies house today. I, Miss Anastasia, brought my close friend with me today. We both dance regularly and professionally at parties and events. But today we have our relaxation outfit on. I'm wearing

Miss Anastasia S.: I dominate the slave with my dirty slippers and my bare feet! I will play with my slave again today. Today he will feel my old slippers and my bare feet. First I show you my dusty and musty smelling slippers and my beautiful, soft feet. Then the

Lady Nicole: First thing in the morning you lick my dirty slippers clean! I want to relax early in the morning. Only you will work

Lady Nisha: The loser will lick my dirty sports socks clean! The little son of a bitch is leashed and lying where he belongs: at my feet. I've come straight from strength training and the loser is about to lick my dirty sports socks clean. But first he can lick my sneakers

Goddess Sheila: Come on foot bitch. Lick my socks! I let the foot bitch crawl and she has my pink, fragrant socks in front of her nose. I want the bitch to lick my socks thoroughly and with passion now. I want her to suck my toes in the socks and

Goddess Sheila: You're going to lick my foot bitch's feet today and of course mine! Of course my foot bitch is under me and can crawl in front of me, but who is much lower under me than my slave is you! You are so far below me that you even

Lady Nisha: I smother your slave under my dominant, powerful feet! At the end of the day I have my slave at my feet and feel like playing with him again and demonstrating my power. I'll play with his breathing now, I'll smother him under my feet. Again and again I

Miss Anastasia S.: A new 25 minute session for you and my foot slave! It's starting again. I have a new session with my foot slave. But first I introduce my cute shoes, socks and feet again. Look at my black sneakers, they're a bit dirty, but I know you'd lick

Goddess Sheila: The foot bitch can beg and suck my bare feet. The foot bitch is still begging that she can order the sneakers. The little bitch is crawling on the floor in front of me, leashed like a pet. To get my approval she has to suck my toes and

Miss Anastasia S.: After the winter walk I use my foot slave! In this video you experience the complete session with my foot slave after a winter walk. The slave will lick and feel my dirty UGGs boots, my old, warm, musty socks and my sweet bare feet. I present you my

Goddess Sheila: The little bitch can beg and lick my scented socks! The little foot slut is jealous of my Buffalo sneakers and would like to be able to order and wear these shoes too. But she's not allowed to, unless she begs me and submits to me in every way.

Miss Anastasia: I let my socks be sucked clean and my feet spoiled. I sit on my throne and have the slave face under my feet. I would put my feet on the slave's face and press my fragrant socks on his nose. I want the slave to suck my socks

Lady Nisha: I trample a face with scented sports feet! Oh, I love ruthlessly trampling on slaves. I especially like trampling on slave faces. Under the pressure of my weight and the power of my dominant feet, a face is crushed so extremely flat. The nose almost breaks under my foot

Miss Anastasia S.: I use slave tongues to clean my dirty shoes. After a shopping walk in autumn, the soles of my shoes are dirty and the dirt sticks in the grooves of the soles. I'm going to relax now and use a slave tongue as a shoe washer. I want the

Lady Nisha: You will lick the sweat off my sports feet! Well, how do you like my hot body? My body is a work of art and I do a lot of sports. There's just one problem: I need someone to wash my sweaty feet with his tongue after I've exercised.

Lady Nisha: I love hard foot domination and spitting on slaves. I'm back, Lady Nisha lets slaves suffer under her hard, dominant feet again. I will spit in the slave's face and spread my spit with my bare, powerful feet. He's allowed to lick the spit off my feet and even

Miss Anastasia: I kick him and press my bare feet in his face! You know I always feel like stepping on a slave. This time my victim should feel my bare soles! The slave lies like a carpet under me and is willingly ready for what I have in mind for

Miss Anastasia S. : I let my dirty socks be licked clean. I call the foot slave and let my dirty sneakers kiss me as a greeting. Then he has to take off my shoes and press his face into my socks and inhale the scent. How do my socks smell?

Goddess Sheila: A new day with my foot bitch #7 I let out my aggression with socked feet on my foot bitch You are lucky enough to be able to accompany me and my foot bitch throughout the day. I'll show you how I deal with her and what she has

Lady Anastasia: The first time that a foot slave licks my pretty, sexy feet! I am a beautiful lady and I love to drive men crazy with my pretty little feet (size 36/37). I also love dominant games and having my feet kissed and licked. That's part of life for me.

Goddess Sheila: A new day with my foot bitch #5 The bitch licks my socks in the office and serves as a foot rest You are lucky enough to be able to accompany me and my foot bitch throughout the day. I'll show you how I deal with her and what

Goddess Sheila: Another day with my foot bitch #3 The dust sticks under my socks

Goddess Sheila: Another day with my foot bitch #1 Lick the dirt off my socks. You are lucky enough to be able to accompany me and my foot bitch throughout the day. I'll show you how I deal with her and what she has to do and not do. #1: The foot

19 yo Miss Kinga: Of course the foot bitch also worships my bare feet. The little foot bitch is already looking greedily at my feet. She can't wait for me to take my socks off and she can lick and suck my bare feet. I rub my bare soles over her

19 yo Miss Kinga: The trainee licks my stinky socks. My friend Luciana is a trainee in our company and has already had her feet licked by slaves. But since she is still an apprentice, she has to carry out my orders. She's gonna take off my sneakers now and kiss

Miss Maria J.: You will be trampled under my socks! You always wanted to be trampled under my socks. Now I'm wearing the unwashed, broken socks for you that I actually wanted to throw away. I found them at the bottom of the laundry box and put them on again for