MILF Mistress Laura L .: Are you enjoying the sight? You kneel in front of my couch and I relax naked in the living room. You can look at me, but you can only touch my feet. You will lick my red painted toes and suck my soles. My feet

MILF Mistress Laura L .: Are you enjoying the sight? You kneel in front of my couch and I relax naked in the living room. You can look at me, but you can only touch my feet. You will lick my red painted toes and suck my soles. My feet

Miss Eagle: I love to watch the foot slave suffer under my feet. I press my bare soles into his slave's face and squeeze hard. He can't get air under my feet and he can't breathe. My feet clasp his nose and squeeze his mouth shut. When I let the

Miss Eagle: I don't put my feet on the ground. Between my feet and the floor I wedge a slave's face. My foot slave is worth less than the dirt under my slippers, but he still has the honor of getting my dusty but comfortable slippers in his face. Open,

MILF Lady Laura L .: I always like to relax on the slave's face. I like to ride his face and press my pussy tightly on his face. I also like the feel of his nose in my ass. The fact that he gasps for air and suffers also makes

Lady Mademoiselle Cloe: This is the first time I have experienced a foot slave licking my feet. I asked the slave to get me a bag of wine gum. Now I will relax on the couch and the slave can take off my socks and lick my bare feet. My

Mistress Mademoiselle Cloe: I have had the experience that men stand on my feet. I have also been offered money for my much-worn sandals. I think the guy secretly wanted to lick my shoes clean. Here you have the unique chance to lick my favorite shoes clean. First you stick

Rocker Lady Shelly: The slave can now take off my old, fragrant socks and lick my bare, big feet. He can clean my soles with his tongue and suck my toes clean. Between the toes he lick the sweat out of me and I watch the whole thing and relax.

Turkish mistress Melis: Somebody once approached me after my job in the supermarket, asking if he could kiss my feet. That was very strange for me at the time. Today I find the idea fascinating that a man pampers and licks my bare feet after a long day in the

Princess Serena: What a great scent. After taking off my boots and my tights, you will now be able to enjoy the pure scent of my wet feet. Not only that, you'll lick the sweat off my feet too. With your tongue you will suck the spaces between my toes

Rocker Lady Shelly: What I find really cool is when I can keep a man like a pet. A slave on a leash turns me on. I also like it when I can build a slave into my everyday life. I like it when I relax that I have a

Rocker Mistress Shelly: I'm taking off my red party boots and my old socks now. Then you will take care of my bare feet. My powerful feet, shoe size 40, want to be licked and kissed by you. You can suck my toes and enjoy the salty taste of the

Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: The slave has not even licked our high heels clean to our satisfaction and yet we offer him the opportunity to worship our bare feet and suck them clean. We play with his breathing and show him what our feet are capable of. Our toes

Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: Now there is the absolute fragrance experience. We take off our sneakers and the scent of 4 scented socks rushes towards us. The leashed slave can now smell and lick our socks. We press our feet and socks into his mouth and he is allowed

Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: It's time to test and try our new living carpet. We want to try out whether it is tread-proof under our shoes. For this we will walk around on his body and jump around on him. We'll kick his head and kick him. We think

Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: Are you ready for 4 smelly socks in your slave's face? Dr will kiss and pay homage to the dirty sneakers as a greeting. Afterwards we will take off our sneakers and the smell of our stinking socks flows towards you. Yeah, now you can

Princess Serena: After licking my dirty sneakers clean and telling me the sweat from my stinky socks, you can now pamper my bare, fragrant feet. Look at her! Do my feet make you horny? Are you excited yet? My feet are hot and they will make you hot too! And

Princess Serena: Every lady needs a human footrest, every girl needs a slave face to put her feet on! Foot slaves are so handy for a lady. After a hard day you can put your feet on it and relax. First I let the foot slave lick my shoes clean

Princess Serena: Every mistress needs a human seat cushion. It's so cool to ride a slave face. I like to sit on his face when I'm wearing panties, then I can feel his face and his nose on my pussy. Then I ride off and it gives me enormous satisfaction.

Turkish mistress Melis: I often wear these socks at work in the supermarket and what I really don't like is doing my laundry. If I get a foot slave now, I'll never have to wash my socks again. The foot slave licks the dirt off the socks and sucks the

Turkish Mistress Mellis: I wear these Adidas sneakers almost every day at work. I work as a store manager in a supermarket. I always have my comfortable Adidas sneakers on my feet. You will now lick these dirty Adidas sneakers clean. I have an idea: you will lick my Adidas

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: A good place for a slave is also under our socks. In any case, we use slaves as human footrests. We take off our sneakers and press our damp, stinky socks into the slave's mouth. He is welcome to inhale the scent of our socks

Miss Aleksa: I have you on a leash and you kneel in front of me. As my slave you will now lick my dirty high heels clean. Look at the dirty shoe sole. You will lick off the dirt and swallow it. If you are good, then I allow you

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: Whenever I have a girls night, we have a foot slave with us who serves as a footrest and cleans our feet and shoes and generally serves as an object for us to have fun with. While we girls and ladies enjoy our drinks, he

Miss Aleksa: You are my foot slave and a good foot slave licks his mistress's dirty shoes clean. I often wear my Fila sneakers. My Fila sneakers have light-colored soles and they are always dirty. Your job now is to clean my Fila sneakers with your tongue. Lick the sneakers

Miss Aleksa: Hello you little worm. You are not worth my attention unless I can trample you under my feet. I have cute little feet, but my dirty high heels can crush you perfectly. Check out the soles of my dirty shoes before I wipe you under my pumps. It

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: The foot slave can now lick our hot feet again. We both treat ourselves to a delicious drink and the slave can clean and refresh our feet. His tongue is allowed to lick the dirt off our feet and our toes need a massage with

Miss Eagle and Miss Anna: We have a new assignment for you. From now on you will kneel in front of our bed every morning and lick our sleeping socks. We want to be woken up by you like this every morning. Our socks smell stinking and sweaty. Our feet

Mistress Maria J .: I love to watch a foot slave lick my feet. I like to see how he enjoys licking the sweat off my soles and it is an honor for him to be able to lick the sweat off. I want him to take my feet in

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: It continues with your foot slave training. We're taking off our sneakers now and you're going to suck off our dusty, sweaty socks. First of all, you have to smell our socks. Then you can kiss and caress our dusty socks. The grand finale will