Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: The foot slave can now lick our hot feet again. We both treat ourselves to a delicious drink and the slave can clean and refresh our feet. His tongue is allowed to lick the dirt off our feet and our toes need a massage with

Miss Eagle and Miss Anna: We have a new assignment for you. From now on you will kneel in front of our bed every morning and lick our sleeping socks. We want to be woken up by you like this every morning. Our socks smell stinking and sweaty. Our feet

Mistress Maria J .: I love to watch a foot slave lick my feet. I like to see how he enjoys licking the sweat off my soles and it is an honor for him to be able to lick the sweat off. I want him to take my feet in

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: It continues with your foot slave training. We're taking off our sneakers now and you're going to suck off our dusty, sweaty socks. First of all, you have to smell our socks. Then you can kiss and caress our dusty socks. The grand finale will

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: We're having fun with the foot slave today. We press our feet hard on the slave's face and so take away the air to breathe. First of all, he has the honor of suffering from our slippers. The soles of our slippers press hard against

Goddess Sheila: I got a reward for my new foot slave. After the foot slave has licked my dirty winter shoes clean, he now has the honor of being able to feel my bare feet. He can also lick my bare feet and free them from sweat. Of course it

Goddess Sheila: That guy down there wants to be my human carpet. He wants me to trample him, use him as a floor. I also put him on a leash and will try out my new carpet. I put on my pink fur slippers and trample on him. I step

Goddess Sheila: After my dirty boots and my stinky socks, the new foot slave can now lick my bare feet. I take off my socks and stuff them into his mouth. After that it is my human footrest that can lick my feet. I want the foot slave to suck,

Goddess Sheila: are you loser ready for your next assignment? I'm taking off my sports socks now and you will lick my bare feet extensively. You will adore my little bare soles and lick them from top to bottom. You will suck my little toes and lick the sweat between

BBW Beauty Cora: I have a little job for my foot slaves. If you do this job well, then you may be able to take on more tasks for me as a foot slave. Now to your task: lick my dirty Reebock sneakers clean. The soles of the sneakers are

Goddess Sheila: After a sociable evening, Goddess Sheila relaxes in her pink dressing gown. She takes off her pink fur slippers and presses her human footrest with her bare, little feet in the face. Goddess Sheila shops on the internet and ignores her foot slave under her feet. She asks

Miss Maria J.: The foot slave is allowed to take off my dirty and sweaty Nike sneakers and then lick my fragrant socks with all his passion. With his tongue he has to lick the sweat-soaked sock lint and suck my toes in the socks. I watch him do it.

Miss Maria J .: It is the first time that a foot slave lies at my feet and greedily licks my feet. I sit comfortably and rub my feet over the slave's warm face. He can lick the soles of my feet and suck my toes. He can lick my

Goddess Sheila: Today is foot slave training again for you loser! Lesson one: you're going to lick my Nike sneakers clean. You lick every inch of my shoes clean. Then you will take care of my dusty shoe soles. Everything will be licked off by you. Your first reward will

Goddess Sheila: I like to vent my aggressions on a foot slave. This time I stand on the slave with my full weight and hit his face with my sweet little feet. I stamp and step on his face until he can no longer and then I put both feet

BBW Beauty Cora: I will now dominate and subdue the slave under my feet. I slap him with the soles of my big feet and stamp on his face. I love the feeling of his nose being crushed under the pressure of my foot. As a thank you for the

Goddess Sheila. A goddess like me always has a foot slave at her feet. When I relax in the morning, I put my feet, which are in pink fur slippers, on the face of my foot slave. His face is just like dirt under my slippers, so he has to

Milf Mistress Laura L: The foot slave will eat my cornea again today. I let the foot slave lick my feet first. I relax in time and enjoy what is coming now. I use his slave mouth as a trash can for my cornea. I rasp the cornea from my

Goddess Sheila: I love my hot plush slippers. Do you like them too? Do you want to kiss her You wanna worship my slippers Do you want to lick the sweat off my insoles? Get on your knees and lick my pink slippers. Then you smell my cute little toes.

Goddess Sheila: My feet are sweating in the tight, transparent plastic shoes. These tight plastic shoes hardly get air to my feet. I let the slave take off my shoes and as a foretaste of my feet he has to lick the damp insoles. Then he has to lick my

Milf Mistress Laura: I press my pussy and ass onto the slave's face again. I move my pussy and stimulate myself on the slave's spray. At this moment I don't care that he can't breathe. His nose is deep in my pussy and I press my butt hole on his

BBW Beauty Cora: How about if I sit down on your face with my hot ass? Look at my plump ass! Should I sit down with my beautiful ass right on your slave's face? You get my bottom right on your ugly nose. I'll sit you flat under my ass.

BBW Beauty Cora: After the foot slave licked my dusty and sweaty bicycle sneakers clean, he now has to take care of my powerful, bare feet. I take off my old sneakers and he has to smell my feet first. He can tell me how the feet smell and whether

BBW Beauty Cora: After a bike tour I let the foot slave lick my 12 year old, dirty and sweaty bike sneakers clean. He has to kiss my shoes to greet me and then lick the dirt and dust off my soles. I stick my shoes deep in his slave's

Mistress Anna: The loser can now take off my nylon stockings and pamper my bare feet. He can inhale the scent of my feet and lick the sweat from my feet. I rub my sweaty soles firmly on his face until his face smells like my feet. Also lick my

Milf Mistress Laura L .: A foot slave has to do all the tasks related to my feet. He also has to lick my dirty shoes clean. My sneakers have particularly dirty soles and the slave has to lick the soles of my shoes clean. He has to clean the

Milf Mistress Laura L .: After dancing on the pole dance, I relax on the slave's face. I sat down naked on the slave's face and stick his nose into my pussy and ass. I love to ride the slave's face and stimulate myself. Would you make your face available

Mistress Anna: I am now riding the slave's face. I'm wearing a sexy white dress. I wear small, white panties and sit with my pussy directly on his nose. I ride the face of the slave and I like the feeling. Of course he has to smell my sexy ass

Mistress Anna: I'm sitting on my slave and take off my hot, golden high heels. Then I rub my sexy nylon feet on his face and let him enjoy my foot scent. I press my fragrant nylon feet onto his face and take his breath from under my soles. He

Goddess Sheila: Now you are definitely greedy for my bare, wet feet. You want me to take off my high heels and put my bare feet at your disposal? Do you see my pretty bare toes? Do you want to suck my toes and lick my soles clean? Get on