Goddess Sheila: Another day with my foot bitch #1 Lick the dirt off my socks. You are lucky enough to be able to accompany me and my foot bitch throughout the day. I'll show you how I deal with her and what she has to do and not do. #1: The foot

19 yo Miss Kinga: Of course the foot bitch also worships my bare feet. The little foot bitch is already looking greedily at my feet. She can't wait for me to take my socks off and she can lick and suck my bare feet. I rub my bare soles over her

19 yo Miss Kinga: The trainee licks my stinky socks. My friend Luciana is a trainee in our company and has already had her feet licked by slaves. But since she is still an apprentice, she has to carry out my orders. She's gonna take off my sneakers now and kiss

Miss Maria J.: You will be trampled under my socks! You always wanted to be trampled under my socks. Now I'm wearing the unwashed, broken socks for you that I actually wanted to throw away. I found them at the bottom of the laundry box and put them on again for

Miss Maria J.: The ignored footrest under my bare feet. I love having a human footrest and most of all I like to press the soles of my feet hard on the face of a male foot slave. I take off my sweaty socks and press my bare feet firmly

Miss Maria J: Lick My Sweaty Sticky Feet! On a hot summer day, 1 day after the festival and a walk, I take off my steaming chucks and stinky socks and you get to lick my sweaty, sticky, bare feet. Do you see what sticks to my feet and between my

Goddess Sheila: A day with my feet bitch #4 Feel my feet and suffer. Welcome to my video series " A day with my foot bitch " in which I show you what a day with me as a mistress is like and how I use my foot bitch. #4 Feel the

Goddess Sheila: A day with my foot bitch #3 Still relaxing on the bed. Welcome to my video series " A day with my foot bitch " in which I show you what a day with me as a mistress is like and how I use my foot bitch. #3 Relaxing on

Goddess Sheila: A Day With My Foot Slut #2 First Coffee. Welcome to my video series " A day with my foot bitch ", in which I show you what a day with me as a mistress is like and how I use my foot bitch. #2 The first coffee in the

Goddess Sheila: A Day With My Foot Slut #1 Morning Greeting. Welcome to my video series " A day with my foot bitch " in which I show you what a day with me as a mistress is like and how I use my foot bitch. #1 Greeting the mistress by the

Goddess Sheila: My foot bitch licks my pink shoes clean. My little foot bitch has to greet me on her knees and kiss my feet or shoes. She can lick the dirt off my shoes. I will show her where the way leads. You can crawl to me on the

Goddess Sheila: I hope the dirt on my slippers tasted good to the slave? Now he can enjoy the taste of my bare feet. He should also massage my feet with his tongue so I can relax. He has to press hard with his tongue against my soles so that I

Princess Serena: You will suck my dirty socks lollipop! Are you jealous of my sweet-tasting lollipop? You want to suck something too? I have this something for you: I'll take off my boots now and you'll suck my dirty sweaty socks. Oh, the socks taste salty? Bad luck! Keep licking! I

19 yo Miss Kinga: sucking socks, licking feet, swallowing spit! Another hot session with my slaves. I've got my red knee high socks on under my boots and I'm about to sweat them all out. We start with some spit in his face and then his job begins. He will lick

Goddess Sheila: My little foot slut is going to suck my bare feet now. My leashed foot bitch Maria kneels in front of me and is very eager to lick and suck my bare little feet. I take off my shoes for the little toe sucker and she is allowed to

MILF Mistress Lena C.: After shopping, my dusty, bare feet are also licked. After the foot slave has licked my shoes clean, he now has to take my shoes off and lick the light dust off my bare feet as well. Of course, dirt got on my bare feet while walking

Lady Michelle: Lick my dirty socks! Come here slave, crawl to me very fast!! The slave will now take off my stinky sneakers and then lick my dirty socks. I want to see him lick every inch of my socks. He should lick the dirty spots on my socks, suck my toes

19 yo Miss Kinga: I'll have my bare feet licked now and you'll watch. I now take off my school socks and press my bare feet into the slave's face. He should smell, he has to inhale the scent. After that he will thoroughly lick the sweat off my feet and

Goddess Sheila: Suck my heels like a cock bitch! I lead Maria into the bedroom and tell her that I feel like dominating her from now on. I'm going to put a collar on her now and lead her to the bed on a leash. She may kiss my feet and

Mistress Lena C.: I want him to lick my big, bare sports soles. Up, up.here slave! The slave should now lick my bare, big soles. I have beautiful bare feet and strong toes. I want the foot slave to lick my feet with absolute passion. I want to see it and

Goddess Sheila: My slave kitten on a leash can suck my feet again. I love playing with Maria as my foot bitch. She is on a leash and I want her to purr like a kitten. First she has to get on her knees in front of me and kiss my

Goddess Sheila: Miss Maria wants to be my leashed sock bitch! I'm having a new experience today. Miss Maria is a switcher lady. She likes to dominate men, but she gets weak with beautiful women. How weak do you think she gets with a beautiful goddess? After a meeting she offered

19 yo Miss Kinga: sucking socks, kicking balls and spit in your face! I take off my sneakers and put my shoes on his nose. He can deeply inhale the scent of my well-worn sneakers. After that I let him lick my sweaty socks and I fuck his mouth with my

Goddess Sheila: I'll finish him under my black socks. That's what the slave has always wanted. He gets the air to breathe robbed under my black smelly socks. I always wear black socks in my boots and now this human footrest will get all the scent, although

Princess Serena: This guy can lick my sneakers clean. The loser can now crawl at my feet and lick my dirty sneakers clean. I ignore him and take selfies with my phone. The guy just disgusts me and he can only eat the dirt from my shoes. So loser, lick the

Goddess Sheila: I will now use my living new carpet with bare feet. But first I take off my socks and press my scented socks in his face, haha, he really enjoys that. Then I let him feel my full weight. It’s new to him and he’s moaning under me, or

19 yo Miss Kinga: I spit in his face and choke him under my scented socks. The guy below me has my sneakers in his slave face. I'm going to spit in his face now and rub my spit in his face with my sneakers. Then I take off my sneakers

Goddess Sheila: Trampled under my socks. The little loser on the floor likes my socks. The smell, the taste and the sight. He likes my little smelly black socks so much. He can first smell my shoes and socks before he gets to feel me and my socks. I'll show

  Goddess Sheila: Mercilessly suffocated under my sweet feet! The leashed slave lies at my feet, completely at the mercy and defenseless. I'm going to play a game with him now. I will smother him with my feet and push him to his limits. I press my bare soles on his mouth

Goddess Sheila: He has to lick feet and I massage his balls! The willing slave now has to take off my high heels and is allowed to smell the heels first. He should stick his nose deep into my shoes and inhale the scent. Then he may lick and kiss my bare