Goddess Sheila: I'll finish him under my black socks. That's what the slave has always wanted. He gets the air to breathe robbed under my black smelly socks. I always wear black socks in my boots and now this human footrest will get all the scent, although

Princess Serena: This guy can lick my sneakers clean. The loser can now crawl at my feet and lick my dirty sneakers clean. I ignore him and take selfies with my phone. The guy just disgusts me and he can only eat the dirt from my shoes. So loser, lick the

Goddess Sheila: I will now use my living new carpet with bare feet. But first I take off my socks and press my scented socks in his face, haha, he really enjoys that. Then I let him feel my full weight. It’s new to him and he’s moaning under me, or

19 yo Miss Kinga: I spit in his face and choke him under my scented socks. The guy below me has my sneakers in his slave face. I'm going to spit in his face now and rub my spit in his face with my sneakers. Then I take off my sneakers

Goddess Sheila: Trampled under my socks. The little loser on the floor likes my socks. The smell, the taste and the sight. He likes my little smelly black socks so much. He can first smell my shoes and socks before he gets to feel me and my socks. I'll show

  Goddess Sheila: Mercilessly suffocated under my sweet feet! The leashed slave lies at my feet, completely at the mercy and defenseless. I'm going to play a game with him now. I will smother him with my feet and push him to his limits. I press my bare soles on his mouth

Goddess Sheila: He has to lick feet and I massage his balls! The willing slave now has to take off my high heels and is allowed to smell the heels first. He should stick his nose deep into my shoes and inhale the scent. Then he may lick and kiss my bare

Miss Elsi: I want him to kiss my feet and lick my soles! I call the slave to me and I present my bare feet to him. My soles are right in front of his nose and I wiggle my toes, almost driving him crazy with the sight. I order him that

Miss Kinga: He may lick my feet and spit! I teach him how to lick feet! I may look like a sweet little girl, but the devil is in me. I now sit on the slave and teach him how to lick feet. As a greeting, he is allowed to lick

Goddess Sheila: Now I'll fuck his mouth with my bare feet! The loser shines under me as my footrest and I use his head to take off my socks. The loser will now kiss and lick my bare feet. He will touch every part of my bare feet with his lips

18 yo Miss Kimberly: After the party you will kiss my feet! After the party you will get on your knees in front of me and worship me. You will kiss and lick my feet on command. My feet are stuck in my shoes because they are sweaty and I'm going

Miss Kimberly: Licking the bare feet of an 18 year old student. After you lick my boots and socks. Can you kiss and lick my bare feet now? I take off my socks very slowly for you. You can see more and more of my bare foot. Are you nervous and

Goddess Shiela: I fuck the slave's mouth with my cute socks. I take off my boots and let the slave lick my socks clean first. The sweaty feet have to get off my socks. So foot slave, lick the sweat and suck the toes in my cute black socks. Then I fuck

Goddess Sheila: Crawl to me and kiss my feet! I'll show you how to greet me now. You will crawl to me and kiss my feet. Even on your knees you're not submissive enough. Your stomach belongs on the floor. The way you are lying in front of me, you kiss

Miss Elsi: The slave licks my house socks clean. Dirt, dust and everything that stuck to the floor is on and under my house socks. The foot slave should now lick my house socks clean. He is allowed to nibble and lick everything from my socks from heels to toes. He

Miss Kimberly C.: Do you want to spoil the nylon feet of an 18 year old beauty? Look at my beautiful legs and my feet in the nylon stockings. They look hot and seductive. Do you want to smell and kiss my nylon feet? Come closer and be the first to

Mistress Lena C.: I'll crush you under my Adidas sneakers. You are my living floor now and I will trample and kick you. You will feel my weight and you will be crushed under me. I'll crush you under my Adidas sneakers and I'll send photos of it. Would you like

Mistress Lena C.: I press my warm sports feet into the slave's face! After he has passionately licked my sports socks, the slave is allowed to lick and suck my bare sports feet. It serves as a human footrest under my warm, damp feet. I press my big, beautiful soles hard

Goddess Sheila: After a bad day, I kick the slave in the face with sneakers - frustration relief. The slave has to be available for my fist reduction. I have to put him on the floor and play my carpet. I want to stomp on him and I want to kick.

Goddess Sheila: licking feet, ballbusting and foot sweat corona mask. After shopping and a long walk, I now want a foot massage with his tongue from the foot slave. I also want him to lick the sweat and sticky sock lint off my feet and between my toes too. I have

Mistress Lena C.: He's been staring at my feet all evening - now he has to lick! That little foot piggy was staring at my feet the whole time we had dinner. He couldn't avert his gaze at all. I confront him about it and I know that greed is rising

Mistress Lena C.: The slave licks my Doc Martens concert boots clean! Funny to call a slave who licks your boots clean on command. I wear my concert Doc Martens boots and they tend to get dusty, especially on the soles. I order him to lick the soles of my boots

Mistress Maria J.: I'll push my bare bare feet into his slave's face now! Now he gets to feel the full power of my bare feet. I press my feet into his slaves face and he can lick the soles of my feet and my toes. I press my heel deep

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick the sweat off my feet now. After my boots and socks have been licked clean by the slave, he can now suck the sweat from my feet. I don't usually take care of my feet much, so they get a little smelly and sweaty. I don't

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick the sweat off my feet now. After my boots and socks have been licked clean by the slave, he can now suck the sweat from my feet. I don't usually take care of my feet much, so they get a little smelly and sweaty. I don't

Miss Adriana: You will be crushed under my bare foot. You enjoy your position as my victim and you are already greedy for my bare feet. Should I take off my dirty socks and press my bare soles into your slave's face? Hmm OK. Let's play. I slowly take off my

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick my smelly socks! When the slave has cleaned my boots, he gets to lick my smelly socks as a reward. I wore the socks for the slave for an extra long time and he can now lick the sweat and dirt off my socks. Suck my

Miss Adriana: Do you like dirty smelly socks? I know that foot lovers also like well-worn, dirty and smelly socks. Are you ready to press your face into my dirty scented socks and inhale my foot scent? I take off my boots and show you my much worn white socks. I

Goddess Sheila: Human footrest under my bare feet. I know that it is your unfulfilled dream that you may be my human footrest. It would be the fulfillment of your dreams when my little bare feet rest on your face and you are just a piece of furniture for me. For

Goddess Sheila: You're licking my old slippers clean now. Do you see the dirt on the soles of my old slippers? I wear these slippers while cooking, going to the basement, relaxing, taking out the garbage, and exercising at home. A lot of dirt, a lot of dirt and a lot