Mistress Anna: I'm sitting on my slave and take off my hot, golden high heels. Then I rub my sexy nylon feet on his face and let him enjoy my foot scent. I press my fragrant nylon feet onto his face and take his breath from under my soles. He

Goddess Sheila: Now you are definitely greedy for my bare, wet feet. You want me to take off my high heels and put my bare feet at your disposal? Do you see my pretty bare toes? Do you want to suck my toes and lick my soles clean? Get on

Goddess Sheila: After the slave has licked my dusty beach shoes clean, he can now clean my bare feet with his tongue. He has to lie at my feet and stick his tongue out as a washcloth for my feet. I rub the soles of my cute little feet over

Goddess Sheila: I'm calling for the foot slave again and I have a reward for the slave today. Today he can relax my tired feet. He will take off my sneakers and smell my warm, damp socks and massage my feet in the socks with his tongue. Of course, he

Miss Kitten: I let the foot slave take off the high fetish boots in which I was sweating extremely. The scent of my damp feet wafts from my boots. I let him lick my sweaty feet now and stuff my feet and toes into his mouth. He has to take

Goddess Sheila: Are you ready to lick the dirty sneakers of a sweet, young goddess? Do you want to take care of my shoes intensely? Do you want to go to my foot slave school? Get on your knees and kiss my sneakers and smell my shoes. Then you will

Goddess Sheila: My beach shoes are dusty and have to be licked clean by a foot slave. The foot slave has to lie at my feet and I use his tongue as a washcloth for my dirty flip flops. I rub my soles over his tongue and clean my beach

Princess Alena: I enjoy dominating my slave under my bare feet. If I could I would trample you and others under my feet. In this video I show you what I will do to you when you are at the mercy of me as a victim. I will wipe you

Princess Alena: Today is again time for a foot dominance punishment. The foot slave gets a few kicks from me. Like a pet he is on a leash, he lies at my feet and I kick his face with my beautiful, bare feet. He gets slapped and I kick his

Lady Bitch Tracy: Are you horny for my bare feet again? Do you love my slim big feet? I hold my bare feet in your face and you can lick them and smell them on my feet. Don't you think I should be treated like a queen? Lick the feet

Princess Alena: I love to dress up and play a different role. I also love cosplay. As an elf, I would also like to have kissed my delicate and slender feet. You have to crawl at my feet and lick my soles and toes. My feet have to shine and

Lady Bitch Tracy: I love my black high heels and with you I have a foot slave who cleans my high heels with his tongue. Look at my high heels and admire my feet in the beautiful shoes. I want you to crawl between my feet and my insoles with

Lady Bitch Tracy: It's the first time I've used a foot slave. First of all, I use his face as a human footrest. I take off my old, white sneakers and press my fragrant socks onto the slave's face. He has to inhale the fragrance and enjoy his position. Then

Dance teacher Laura L .: When I relax, I like to have my dance feet pampered. I like to take a book and let the foot slave pamper my feet. He has to lick my sore soles and suck my toes. If I particularly like the work of the foot

Miss Alessa Milano (in sign language): After the foot slave has sucked my socks, he can now lick my bare feet. He can take off my socks and smell my bare feet first. Then he let me lick the sweat from my bare soles. I also want him to suck

Goddess Sheila: You are greedy for my little, bare feet. If you continue to lick and pamper my feet to my satisfaction, then I'll feed them with my feet. I love licorice and will allow you to nibble a licorice off my toes. Suck my toes and clean the spaces

Mistress Alessa Milano (in sign language): I'm a trampling fan. I love to squeeze and torture foot slave faces under my bare feet. I'm going to kick the slave's face now. The soles of my bare feet crush his face and I smile at his pained face. He has to

Mistress Alessa Milano (in sign language): It's great fun to trample my victims under my beautiful feet. I will crush you like a little worm. I will crush you and obliterate you. The soles of my bare feet is the last thing you will ever see. But it will be

Dance Teacher MILF Laura: Trampling is my passion. Especially with the Pole Dace, I often had the thought of how a human floor would feel under my feet. I would use a warm face as a dance floor and I would get my feet wet at the same time. He

Part 1) Do you like sweaty socks? Do you like the wonderful smell of my socks? I'll let you pass 2 pairs of my stinkiest socks and you have to tell me which pair you like better and why. I let you lick and kiss 4 smelly socks. You will

Milf dance teacher Laura: Today I let the foot slave lick my 7 year old dance shoes and clean them inside. After the pole dance I let the foot slave clean my old, dirty and sweaty dance shoes with his tongue. He has to lick the dirt off my soles.

Miss Alessa Milao (Deaf Mistress with Sign Language): You will get a foot slave course from me today. You will now lick my dirty Nike sneakers. I want you to clean my shoes with your tongue. You can swallow the dirt and worship my shoes. Do you see my dirty

Goddess Sheila: I tied my foot slave under the bed and on a leash. I let him take off my socks with his mouth and suck my socks. Then he will pamper my bare feet. I want to rub my little bare soles over his slave face and rub my

Milf Dance Teacher Laura: I can also use a slave for my pleasure. I want to ride his face and stimulate myself. I rub my pussy on his face and want him to stick his nose deep into my ass. He can smell my ass while I sit hard on

Goddess Sheila: You little loser will now have the marriage to admire and worship my bare feet. I take off my wonderful high heels and let you lick my divine, bare feet. Look at my tender, small, fragrant feet, admire them and now kiss and lick my feet. Kneel in

Dance teacher Laura: If I want to withdraw with a book and relax, then I like to use a foot slave to keep my feet warm. I also like to annoy a foot slave and torture him a little under the soles of my bare feet. I like to ignore

Dance teacher Laura: My feet are very skillful and I know that many people look at my feet when dancing, but I've never had a human carpet in my kitchen 🙂 First I walk around on my victim in my pink house socks and let him my socks kiss and

Goddess Sheila: I've got my slave on a leash and now I'm getting a few punishing kicks. I let him suffer under my feet and enjoy his whining. I crush his face. He gets slaps and kicks, just as it should be. A slave who does not completely satisfy me

Goddess Sheila: I love the sight of a foot slave licking my shoes clean. He even licks the dirt off my soles. Now I want to feel his tongue on my bare feet. He has to lick my bare soles. I want to feel how his tongue glides over my

Goddess Sheila: Well my foot slave. Will you crawl back to lick my high heels? I let my foot slave lick my high heels clean again today. He crawls over to me and is allowed to lick my soles clean first. Come on, get out the tongue washcloth and lick