Goddess Sheila

Goddess Tracy is a slim techno lover with a very eye-catching look. She loves changing her type regularly and loves the weekends when she works in a techno club in Berlin. She loves partying and the parties after the party 🙂 She likes to wear Doc Martens boots and flashy shoes, even at work and her feet (shoe size 40 EU) sweat a lot at work.
Her friends say that Goddess Tracy has a dominant nature in her private life too and she loves it when people worship her and show it in public. Kissing her feet in public is her absolute favorite. What she doesn’t have yet is a private slave who serves her and regularly licks her dirty shoes and boots clean.

What is striking about Goddess Tracy is her many tattoos and piercings. Many people are therefore afraid to speak to Goddess Tracy privately. Are you ready to become a slave?

Additional Informations

174 cm

Hair Color:
brown / and others

40 EU / 8.5 US / foot length  25,1 cm


private pictures

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some new videos

Goddess Tracy: I have my work socks from the weekend licked clean. I work at the bar in a techno club on the weekend. I wear white sneaker socks in my Doc Martens boots and I actually always wear these

some other videos

Goddess Sheila: Would you suck my sweaty socks if I took off my shoes now? Then come closer and inhale the scent of my wonderful, sweaty, black socks. Lick my socks and adore them. Maybe I'll give you one of my

Lady Nisha: You will lick the sweat off my sports feet! Well, how do you like my hot body? My body is a work of art and I do a lot of sports. There's just one problem: I need someone to

Princess Serena: I now sit hard on his slave's face. He can smell my pussy while I take his breath away. Maybe my pussy is the last thing he will smell 🙂 haha. Or I stick his slave nose in

Princess Serena: Lick my never washed socks - so gross. The new slave is allowed to kiss the cute and dirty Adidas sneakers to greet me. I want to see how much he adores me. Then he can take off my