Lady Sümeyra

Lady Sümeyra is an elegant Turkish lady who knows exactly what she wants. As an oriental mistress, she recently experienced what it’s like to have a European slave. Since then, western slaves have been the number one topic for her and her friends. Especially what you can do with slaves 🙂
Professionally, Lady Sümeyra works as a travel merchant for Arabic countries and in her free time she likes to visit the spa area in luxurious hotels. Physical fitness plays a big role in her life and she also notices the looks of men. A great new experience for her is that men like their sweaty, strongly scented sports socks. They even offered her money for it.

Feature: Extremely fragrant socks and feet

Additional Informations

165 cm

Hair Color:

37-38 EU / 6.0 US / foot length  23,4 cm


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Lady Sümeyra: Sometimes I like to walk my slaves on a leash, so I have better control over them and can lead them better. Today I want to let off some steam and let my victim press my stinky socks in

Lady Sümeyra: He licks the bare feet of a Turkish mistress clean! The foot slave can now take off my extremely sweaty socks and enjoy the scent of my bare feet directly. I want him to press his nose right between

Lady Sümeyra: I feel like an oriental queen. I'm sitting on my throne in a sexy dress and wearing my jewellery, rings, anklets and more. At my feet a human footrest. I feel like an oriental queen. I place my feet on

Lady Sümeyra: After the belly dance, my feet are licked clean. Belly dancing is a Turkish tradition and is also my hobby. I love to dance and I love to dance barefoot. My feet sometimes get dusty while dancing and need

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Lady Nisha: He licks my hot feet clean now after the gym. I let the foot slave take off my stinky and dirty sports socks and then he is allowed to inhale my wonderful, salty foot scent. Yes, he should press

Princess Alena: I love to dress up and play a different role. I also love cosplay. As an elf, I would also like to have kissed my delicate and slender feet. You have to crawl at my feet and lick

Princss Alena: I sat down on my slave now, take off my shoes and press my warm, fragrant socks onto the slave's face. I'm trying to choke him under my stinky socks. I keep pressing my socks hard on his

Mistress Alessa Milano (in sign language): It's great fun to trample my victims under my beautiful feet. I will crush you like a little worm. I will crush you and obliterate you. The soles of my bare feet is the

Young dominatrix Miss Kriz: Lick the sweat off my feet now. After my boots and socks have been licked clean by the slave, he can now suck the sweat from my feet. I don't usually take care of my feet much,

Miss Maria J: Lick My Sweaty Sticky Feet! On a hot summer day, 1 day after the festival and a walk, I take off my steaming chucks and stinky socks and you get to lick my sweaty, sticky, bare feet. Do