Lady Sümeyra

Lady Sümeyra is an elegant Turkish lady who knows exactly what she wants. As an oriental mistress, she recently experienced what it’s like to have a European slave. Since then, western slaves have been the number one topic for her and her friends. Especially what you can do with slaves 🙂
Professionally, Lady Sümeyra works as a travel merchant for Arabic countries and in her free time she likes to visit the spa area in luxurious hotels. Physical fitness plays a big role in her life and she also notices the looks of men. A great new experience for her is that men like their sweaty, strongly scented sports socks. They even offered her money for it.

Feature: Extremely fragrant socks and feet

Additional Informations

165 cm

Hair Color:

37-38 EU / 6.0 US / foot length  23,4 cm


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Lady Sümeyra: I feel like an oriental queen. I'm sitting on my throne in a sexy dress and wearing my jewellery, rings, anklets and more. At my feet a human footrest. I feel like an oriental queen. I place my feet on

Lady Sümeyra: Sometimes I like to walk my slaves on a leash, so I have better control over them and can lead them better. Today I want to let off some steam and let my victim press my stinky socks in

Lady Sümeyra: After the belly dance, my feet are licked clean. Belly dancing is a Turkish tradition and is also my hobby. I love to dance and I love to dance barefoot. My feet sometimes get dusty while dancing and need

Lady Sümeyra: He licks the bare feet of a Turkish mistress clean! The foot slave can now take off my extremely sweaty socks and enjoy the scent of my bare feet directly. I want him to press his nose right between

some other videos

Miss Eagle and Miss Anna: We have a new assignment for you. From now on you will kneel in front of our bed every morning and lick our sleeping socks. We want to be woken up by you like this

Princess Alena: I'm wearing my uncleaned Skater Vans again, which have taken on the smell of my feet. You will lie under me on the floor and I will kick your slave face with the Vans on my feet. You

Serena: Today I flatten the slave face under my feet. Today I take my breath away with my beautiful feet. I sit on the body of the slave and flatten his lungs with my ass. It is already difficult for

Lady Nisha: You want my socks? Only if you do what I tell you! I know you want my socks. But you piece of shit didn't clean the floor satisfactorily again. Look at the soles of my socks. They're just as

Lady Nisha: He will now lick and eat my fragrant, dusty socks. I wore my white socks for the slave for 4 whole days. At home, at work and while shopping. My socks are soaked with my foot sweat and dusty

Lady Nisha: I trample and crush the slave's face under my bare feet! It is a wonderful feeling for me when I feel something being crushed and destroyed under the pressure of my feet. I especially like slave faces under my