Lady Nisha

Lady Nisha is a very dominant mistress. She is a very athletic and muscular lady who loves to trample on men. Miss Nisha knows no mercy and she loves it when her victim wails and squirms under her feet. She also likes intensive foot massages with hands and tongue. She particularly likes circular movements with a lot of pressure from the slave tongue. In her free time there are only 2 things: weight training and dancing. She loves to dance provocatively with her muscular body in the club. If you get involved in a session with Lady Nisha, it may be that you have never experienced so much and so hard foot dominance!

Additional Informations

170 cm

Hair Color:

39 EU / 8 US / foot length  24,6 cm


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Lady Nisha: I smother your slave under my dominant, powerful feet! At the end of the day I have my slave at my feet and feel like playing with him again and demonstrating my power. I'll play with his breathing now,

Lady Nisha: I press my socks in the loser's face. I've just come from breakfast with a friend and my slave is still waiting in front of my bed. First I press my dirty slippers in his face and let him

Lady Nisha: The loser will lick my dirty sports socks clean! The little son of a bitch is leashed and lying where he belongs: at my feet. I've come straight from strength training and the loser is about to lick my dirty

Lady Nisha: The slave has to worship my feet on all fours. I want the foot slave to crawl to me on all fours and pay homage to my feet. I'll show him now how I like it. He should crawl

Lady Nisha: He didn't clean - now he's licking the dirt off my feet! The little loser had the task of cleaning up the basement. Of course he failed again because the hallway was still dirty. I'll now let him lick

Lady Nisha: Look how I hurt slaves under my feet. I have my slave lying at my feet. I have him on a leash and I'm going to hurt him now. I will finish him under my feet and dominate him.

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Lady Nisha: You want my socks? Only if you do what I tell you! I know you want my socks. But you piece of shit didn't clean the floor satisfactorily again. Look at the soles of my socks. They're just as

Queen Marie Müller: I love his face at my feet. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but when someone begs to kiss and lick my feet, it turns me on a lot. But before someone can touch my feet,

Miss Samy: I've had my old vacation flips flops for years. I work in the garden and on the terrace almost every day when I wear these flip flops. The dirt from many years sticks under the soles and my

Goddess Sheila: I am still sitting over my slave and he is at my feet. After he smelled my fragrant, black socks, I now take off my wet socks and press my bare, beautiful feet onto his face. He has

Goddess Sheila: Human footrest under my bare feet. I know that it is your unfulfilled dream that you may be my human footrest. It would be the fulfillment of your dreams when my little bare feet rest on your face and

Miss Kinga: He may lick my feet and spit! I teach him how to lick feet! I may look like a sweet little girl, but the devil is in me. I now sit on the slave and teach him how to