Lady Nisha

Lady Nisha is a very dominant mistress. She is a very athletic and muscular lady who loves to trample on men. Miss Nisha knows no mercy and she loves it when her victim wails and squirms under her feet. She also likes intensive foot massages with hands and tongue. She particularly likes circular movements with a lot of pressure from the slave tongue. In her free time there are only 2 things: weight training and dancing. She loves to dance provocatively with her muscular body in the club. If you get involved in a session with Lady Nisha, it may be that you have never experienced so much and so hard foot dominance!

Additional Informations

170 cm

Hair Color:

39 EU / 8 US / foot length  24,6 cm


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Lady Nisha: The loser will lick my dirty sports socks clean! The little son of a bitch is leashed and lying where he belongs: at my feet. I've come straight from strength training and the loser is about to lick my dirty

Lady Nisha: I trample and crush the slave's face under my bare feet! It is a wonderful feeling for me when I feel something being crushed and destroyed under the pressure of my feet. I especially like slave faces under my

Lady Nisha: You will lick the sweat off my sports feet! Well, how do you like my hot body? My body is a work of art and I do a lot of sports. There's just one problem: I need someone to

Lady Nisha: I trample a face with scented sports feet! Oh, I love ruthlessly trampling on slaves. I especially like trampling on slave faces. Under the pressure of my weight and the power of my dominant feet, a face is crushed

Lady Nisha: I smother your slave under my dominant, powerful feet! At the end of the day I have my slave at my feet and feel like playing with him again and demonstrating my power. I'll play with his breathing now,

Lady Nisha: I love hard foot domination and spitting on slaves. I'm back, Lady Nisha lets slaves suffer under her hard, dominant feet again. I will spit in the slave's face and spread my spit with my bare, powerful feet. He's

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Mistress Maria: Suffer under my pussy and my ass. A new way for me to dominate the slave is by sitting on his face and taking the air to breathe. I sat down with my big ass on his slave

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: We're having fun with the foot slave today. We press our feet hard on the slave's face and so take away the air to breathe. First of all, he has the honor of suffering from

Mistress Anna: I'm sitting on my slave and take off my hot, golden high heels. Then I rub my sexy nylon feet on his face and let him enjoy my foot scent. I press my fragrant nylon feet onto his

BBW Beauty Cora: After the foot slave licked my dusty and sweaty bicycle sneakers clean, he now has to take care of my powerful, bare feet. I take off my old sneakers and he has to smell my feet first.

I'm going to sit on my slave's face now. I have a sexy bikini on and the slave is going to have a great time under my ass. I will sit him absolutely flat. I will ride his face. I

Mistress Maria J .: I love to watch a foot slave lick my feet. I like to see how he enjoys licking the sweat off my soles and it is an honor for him to be able to lick the