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Lady Nicole

Lady Nicole is a mistress who can captivate you with her style and hypnotize you with her words and body. Lady Nicole has many facets – the shy athlete, as well as the vamp and the fetish mistress. In everyday life, Lady Nicole works in a realtor’s office and values absolute order. Things must have their place and be arranged geometrically. She likes rock music and rock symphonies. Lady Nicole has a very dry sense of humor and loves to joke at a high level. She can hypnotize you with her ways. She makes you stare at her feet and forget everything around you. Before you are allowed to kiss and lick her feet, you only have to look at them for a while, then you are only allowed to smell them and only then are you allowed to touch them and let yourself go by feeling and tasting their feet. Everything has its order and sequence.

Special abnormalities: Lady Nicole has particularly beautiful soles..

Additional Informations

165 cm

Hair Color:

38-39 EU / 7.0 US


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Lady Nicole: . After training, I take off my sports socks and see how it is already affecting my bare feet and my foot scent. My salty soles are what he desires. But at first he is only allowed to look

Lady Nicole: You will now spoil my bare feet. I still relax in the morning and lie on the couch with my bathrobe on. After you have kissed and licked my slippers, you will now spoil my bare feet. Don't stop so fast.

Lady Nicole: First thing in the morning you lick my dirty slippers clean! I want to relax early in the morning. Only you will work

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Princess Serena: You as a human floor under my dirty Adidas sneakers. I know you want to be a living floor under me for once. I'm supposed to step on you and flatten you. Your world is under my feet.

18 yo Miss Kimberly: After the party you will kiss my feet! After the party you will get on your knees in front of me and worship me. You will kiss and lick my feet on command. My feet are stuck

Goddess Sheila: My slave belongs at my feet and I sit over him and relax. I'm going to use him as a human footrest; he'll get my stinky socks in his face now. I take off my most worn sneakers

Mistress Anna: The loser can now take off my nylon stockings and pamper my bare feet. He can inhale the scent of my feet and lick the sweat from my feet. I rub my sweaty soles firmly on his face