Goddess Sheila

A sexy young woman with a great body and wonderful blond hair. She has small feet, size 36 EU and likes to wear platform sandals and high heels from the Pleaser company. Goddess Sheila smells of Pure XS by Paco Rabanne and Hyponic Poison by Dior. Goddess Sheila likes to go partying. She also dances as a GoGo girl in well-known clubs and she likes EDM.
She had her first foot fat experience at the age of 15, when in an intimate moment she asked her boyfriend at the time to lick her feet. Goddess Sheila wants her foot slaves to lick their feet and especially to suck their toes. But she still wants a money slave, a leak slave and a cleaning slave for her at home.

Special abnormalities: Goddess Sheila has beautiful little feet with delicate, adorable toes.

Additional Informations

155 cm

Hair Color:

36 EU / 5.5 US / foot length  22,4 cm


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Miss Marie Müller: Now my white Buffalo sneakers will be licked clean! My white Buffalo sneakers are dirty on the soles and residue from the last party is stuck to the sides of the shoes. It's time for a foot slave

Queen Marie Müller: The slave may now lick my steaming socks clean. The foot slave is allowed to take off my white Buffalo sneakers and a musty smell, a mix of damp fabric and foot sweat, wafts towards us. After he

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Princess Serena: Nibble and suck the calluses off my feet! I take off my old house slippers and I give the slave the task of nibbling and sucking my dry hat and calluses from my feet. Know a cool thought that

Goddess Sheila: Come on foot bitch. Lick my socks! I let the foot bitch crawl and she has my pink, fragrant socks in front of her nose. I want the bitch to lick my socks thoroughly and with passion now. I