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Queen Marie Müller

Queen Marie Müller is a slim young mistress who loves 90’s fashion. You want to lie at the feet of a young lady with Reto Buffalo sneakers, then you will love Marie Müller. Maire owns 36 pairs of retro style Buffalo shoes. There is definitely something for you. She wears those Buffalo shoes until they’re completely broken. This means that you will find traces of their bare feet in many shoes and the dirt of many days under the soles. The scent of her feet also spreads through the shoes.
Marie Müller works privately in social affairs. Needy people are a matter close to her heart. However, in private she can also be a dangerous bitch who seduces you and then uses you. She is looking for private slaves that she can serve and use for her pleasure. Would you be ready for Marie Müller?

Special abnormalities: A huge collection of Buffalo Shoes.

Additional Informations

168 cm

Hair Color:

39-40 EU / 8.0 US / foot length  24 cm


private pictures


some new videos

Queen Marie Müller: I smear my spit with my feet on his face. I love these power games. I love being on top and subduing my victims. How can I subjugate my victims? What could be more humiliating than having my

Queen Marie Müller: He will now suck my dirty socks. I sit down on my slave and will now ask him to suck my dirty socks. I want to relax a little and that includes dominating my slave a little. I've

Queen Marie Müller: I'll press my whole feet into you, you footrest! The human footpad lies beneath me and my piunk Buffalo clogs, but I'm going to take off my shoes now and press my scented feet into his face

Queen Marie Müller: I want my black Buffalo clogs and my feet to be licked. But hurry now! On your knees to me and your face at my feet! I now let the foot slave lick my black Buffalo clogs clean.

Queen Marie Müller: I humiliate the loser with my feet and my spit. I sit down on the loser and will now humiliate him with my bare feet. What else is demeaning? If I spit in his face? OK, so now

Queen Marie Müller: My private foot video from the hotel lobby A friend filmed me with her cell phone in the hotel lobby, as I was waiting for a slave who was about to pamper my bare feet. I'm sitting barefoot

some other videos

Princess Alena: Today is again time for a foot dominance punishment. The foot slave gets a few kicks from me. Like a pet he is on a leash, he lies at my feet and I kick his face with my

Goddess Sheila: A new day with my foot bitch #5 The bitch licks my socks in the office and serves as a foot rest You are lucky enough to be able to accompany me and my foot bitch throughout the day.

Lady Nisha: He licks my hot feet clean now after the gym. I let the foot slave take off my stinky and dirty sports socks and then he is allowed to inhale my wonderful, salty foot scent. Yes, he should press

Queen Marie Müller: Today you lick my Nike sneakers clean or I'll kick your balls. I'll visit you in the hotel room today. Since you have already set up my throne for me and kneel in front of the chair. I'm

Miss Kitty Ink: I touch myself and stimulate myself while the slave licks his feet! I touch myself and make myself horny while the slave has to lick my feet. I can't do it normally anymore. I need someone to suck

Princess Serena: After walking barefoot through the basement, he has to lick my dirty feet clean. I was barefoot in the basement and my feet got really dirty. Of course I didn't wipe my feet afterwards because I have a slave

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