Miss Maria J.

Miss Maria is a wonderful lady with feminine curves. Especially her bottom will inspire you and her dominant feminine charisma. Miss Maria has rediscovered the foot fetish for herself. She likes to have her feet licked because she has noticed that it stimulates her when someone sucks her toes. Miss Maria’s special preference is facesitting. She likes to press her butt hard on the face of a slave and let him suffer from her weight and her dominant ass. She likes to ride the face of a slave and she would like to have a lot of slaves for herself at home. Slaves who serve and pamper her and do all work for her. The slaves should ideally sit in front of her like dogs and bark on command and then go back to their work.
If Miss Maria is sitting hard on your face, then there is no escape for you.

Miss Maria works in a large warehouse and gives workers their daily chores. In her private life she mainly wears sneakers and boots (Doc Martens). Maria likes to relax in her free time. She loves swimming and hours in a whirl pool. You can buy her champagne and sparkling wine and at concerts it can also be a beer.


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41 EU / 9 US / foot length  27 cm


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