Miss Kinga 

Miss Kinga is a petite person who likes to have control over someone. She likes to play with her appearance, she makes everyone protective, but she tells you exactly what to do. At 19 years old, she knows exactly what she wants, she wants to dominate you and use you for her own purposes. She likes to subjugate men and women. Her best friend can also lick her feet and massage her in private. Miss Kinga likes to have photos taken of her during the day and works as a model until she likes to drive men crazy in front of the webcam in the evening. Miss Kinga has learned to use her cute little feet to dominate her slaves. At least every 14 days she lets her best friend take care of her feet and apply a sweet color to her little toenails. She likes to use slaves to keep her feet clean because she likes to be paid to lick her feet clean.
If you like being dominated by a sweet, petite mistress “next door”, then Miss Kinga is just the thing for you.

Additional Informations

154 cm

Hair Color:
dark blonde

36 EU / 5.5 US / foot length  22,0 cm


private pictures

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some new videos

19 yo Miss Kinga: Of course the foot bitch also worships my bare feet. The little foot bitch is already looking greedily at my feet. She can't wait for me to take my socks off and she can lick and suck

Miss Kinga: I play with him under my teenage feet! When I come home and relax, I like to play with a slave. I love teasing him under my feet and dominating him. In front of the webcam, the guys always

19 yo Miss Kinga: sucking socks, licking feet, swallowing spit! Another hot session with my slaves. I've got my red knee high socks on under my boots and I'm about to sweat them all out. We start with some spit in

19 yo Miss Kinga: The trainee licks my stinky socks. My friend Luciana is a trainee in our company and has already had her feet licked by slaves. But since she is still an apprentice, she has to carry out my

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Mistress Anna: The loser can now take off my nylon stockings and pamper my bare feet. He can inhale the scent of my feet and lick the sweat from my feet. I rub my sweaty soles firmly on his face

Miss Karey: You as a living floor under my socks. I take off my boots and trample you in my dusty, scented socks. Do you like my weight Do you want me to dance on you Shall I crush you?

Queen Marie Müller: I want to play with him under my feet. I feel like playing with a foot slave under my feet again. I don't let myself tease him under my feet. First I let my black Buffalo sneakers be

Miss Maria J .: It is the first time that a foot slave lies at my feet and greedily licks my feet. I sit comfortably and rub my feet over the slave's warm face. He can lick the soles of