Lady Kim

Lady Kim is a young, dominant lady who particularly stands out because of her presence. With a dominant, sporty 172 cm height and high shoes, she stands in front of you and her long brown hair beguiles you. She is a daughter from a rich family and is not unfamiliar with a certain arrogance. She loves luxury and herself is luxury. She loves shopping and she really likes her large, delicate feet (shoe size 43 EU). After graduating from high school, she wants to study architecture and then work in her father’s office. Her sport is tennis and her father is happy to pay for her tennis lessons and training at the noble club in the city. Her feet are big and if you ever have the honor of lying at her feet, then you really have big feet to worship.

Additional Informations

172 cm

Hair Color:

43 EU / 11.0 US / foot length  27,5 cm


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Lady Kim: You lick my tennis feet clean! Well, do you want to serve a young lady from a good family? Are you keen on elegant, large, luxury feet? I come from tennis training, which my dad pays for me. Today we

Lady Kim: I press my dirty, smelly tennis socks into his slave face. I'm pissed. Some bitch attacked me today at tennis and the locker room at the tennis club was packed with chicks. I now want to take out my

Lady Kim: I want my human footrest to sniff my socks. The little doormat should now sniff my socks. I sat above him in my beautiful dress and I placed my big feet (shoe size 43 EU) with my scented socks

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Queen Marie Müller: Spit on and flattened under my feet! I have my victim between my legs again. I love flattening his head with my thighs and spitting on him at the same time. My feet are barefoot in my Buffalo

Goddess Sheila: I'm calling for the foot slave again and I have a reward for the slave today. Today he can relax my tired feet. He will take off my sneakers and smell my warm, damp socks and massage my

Goddess Sheila: Today is foot slave training again for you loser! Lesson one: you're going to lick my Nike sneakers clean. You lick every inch of my shoes clean. Then you will take care of my dusty shoe soles. Everything