Miss Karey

Miss Karey is a very natural, slim and alternative lady from Kiev. Karey’s feet are very tender and soft and taste intensely salty. Miss Karey likes to watch and is a quiet lady who only gives you instructions every now and then.
In her free time, Miss Karey likes to paint and create real art works with her friends. She likes to drink beer and dry red wine, and loves electronic music to dance and slow lounge music to relax. Miss Karey is very empathetic and sensitive. She empathizes with you and knows exactly what you need.
If you want to impress her, always take care of her often cold feet, keep her feet warm and spoil them.

Special abnormalities: Miss Karey has cool, tender and limp feet with an intense salty taste.

Additional Informations

165 cm

Hair Color:

39 EU / 8 US / foot length  24,5 cm


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Lady Karey: A tongue under my feet! I take off my socks and sit relaxed over my slave. He can lick my bare feet and enjoy being able to warm my feet with his face. I relax naked over him and

Miss Karey: Lick my bare feet! The foot slave is allowed to take off my cleanly licked high heels and then lick my bare, sweaty feet. The soles of my feet taste very salty and my skin is very soft.

Miss Karey: It's the first time a slave has licked my boots! I've heard of foot slaves even licking your dirty boots clean. I try it out and sit on the couch and give the slave the instruction to lick

Miss Karey: You as a living floor under my socks. I take off my boots and trample you in my dusty, scented socks. Do you like my weight Do you want me to dance on you Shall I crush you?

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