Lady JoJo

Lady JoJo likes it dominant and hard. This is very different from her professional life. She cares for the elderly and does a very social job. To compensate, she is a show girl at parties and clubs and likes to live out her dominant fantasies in private.
In her free time she likes to go to hip hop concerts or spend time with her 3 cats.
In her life as a dominant lady she likes it hard and ruthless. She loves to have her big feet licked and she likes to spit in slaves faces. When she kicks you, it’s powerful and not fake.

Special abnormalities: She loves hard kicks and spitting.

Additional Informations

173 cm

Hair Color:

40 EU / 8.5 US / foot length  25 cm


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some new videos

Lady JoJo: My ignored human footrest. After a long day at the Lady House, I'll prepare for my last appointment with a slave. I also ordered a human footrest because I always have cold feet. He has to lie in front

Miss Anastasia & Lady JoJo: we both dominate our human footrest under our stinky socks! Me, Anastasia S., and my friend Lady JoJo have a human footrest tied up in front of the couch. Both of us will now dominate our

Lady JoJo: He has to lick extremely dirty socks clean! I have a real surprise for the foot licker: If he takes off my sneakers now, he will discover my extremely dirty socks. He now has to lick these extremely dirty

Miss Anastasia S & Lady JoJo: Today I'm showing my friend how to trample a face flat. I, Miss Anastasia S., am today showing my friend Lady JoJo, who is new to the lady house as a mistress, how to kick

some other videos

Miss Kitten and Princess Alena: It is time for our servant to lick and kiss our bare feet. After taking off our sweaty socks, we stuff our bare feet into his slave's mouth. We play with our 20 toes in

Miss Maria J .: A slave face as a throne for the lady! As a lady, I want a throne. But as a dominant lady who uses men as slaves, I want a slave face that I can sit on. The

Miss Alessa Milano (in sign language): After the foot slave has sucked my socks, he can now lick my bare feet. He can take off my socks and smell my bare feet first. Then he let me lick the sweat

Lady Nicole: I want a slave face under my sports socks! Today I will play with the slave for the first time. Immediately after going to the gym, I want him to lie under me like a carpet and I will

Miss Kitten: After the slave at my feet licked the dusty flip flops clean, the human foot washing machine is now allowed to suck my bare feet clean. He obviously likes the dust from my flip flops and my foot

Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: It's time to test and try our new living carpet. We want to try out whether it is tread-proof under our shoes. For this we will walk around on his body and jump around on