Mistress Jessica

Mistress Jessica is a very special lady. She analyzes her people and especially her slaves very carefully. She loves playing with psychology and she analyzes your wants and needs. She is tall, dominant and has beautiful, captivating feet with shoe size 40. Her toes are simply magical and you will succumb to her charm. Mistress Jessica is originally from Italy and lived in London until recently. Her second passion is acting and she lives that out by playing with you, her victim. Being used by Mistress Jessica is a pleasure.

Additional Informations

174 cm

Hair Color:

40 EU / 8.5 US / foot length  25 cm


some new videos

Lady Jessica: I read in him that he wants to lick my feet. I am a dominatrix, but not a normal dominatrix. I read my slaves because I have psychological training and I use this in my sessions. Some slaves are

Mistress Jessica: You will also lick my dirty feet clean. After you didn't clean the basement properly and you had to lick my dirty sneakers and socks clean, you're now going to lick my dirty feet clean too. The dirt in

Mistress Jessica: I'll stop his breathing under my feet! I have the slave on a leash and he lies at my feet, at my mercy. I have something very mean to do with him today. Today I will take his breath

Mistress Jessica: I love trampling him. I analyze the wishes and preferences of my slaves with psychological knowledge. I discover the passions of my victims and what task they are made for. I notice that this slave wants to be kicked

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BBW Mistress Cora: I ride the loser's face in jeans. Now the loser gets my ass in the face again and I ride his face. The lollipop tastes good and I have the slave face between my legs and my

Mistress Alessa Milano (in sign language): I'm a trampling fan. I love to squeeze and torture foot slave faces under my bare feet. I'm going to kick the slave's face now. The soles of my bare feet crush his face

Miss Mari Galore: I touch myself while the slave licks my bare feet. I lure the slave to me with my bare feet. My toes are an attractant, the scent, the sight. He crawls at my feet and begins to smell my

Goddess Sheila: Your place at my sexy feet. I will now show you again where your place for the future is. Your place is at my feet. A slave always has to look up at a goddess like me. I