Mistress Fiona

Mistress Fiona is also Nurse Fiona at times. Mistress Fiona loves her job as a nurse and she also knows how to assert herself in her job and lives out her very dominant, almost sadistic side. She loves the clinic domination, but she also likes to keep foot slaves because she likes to have her feet and shoes licked clean after the service. Her dominant nature completely takes over every submissive slave and her words are a mind fuck for all submissive objects. Mistress Fiona has beautiful and well-groomed feet, shoe size 40. Her big toes and her taste for nail polish on her feet are particularly attractive. Foot slaves will love their always slightly sweaty and salty-tasting soles.

Additional Informations

170 cm

Hair Color:

40 EU / 8.5 US / foot length  25,3 cm


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Mistress Fiona: After my job as a nurse, the peeping Tom licks my feet clean. I love my job as a nurse and I always notice that patients and visitors pay attention to my feet in my Crocs. Especially when I

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Goddess Sheila: My absolute favorite thing is still when I can step on a slave. I love those kicks in his face and his reactions. His whining motivates me and spurs me on to step on him harder and harder.

Lady Anastasia: The first time that a foot slave licks my pretty, sexy feet! I am a beautiful lady and I love to drive men crazy with my pretty little feet (size 36/37). I also love dominant games and having my

Lady Maria J.: Lick my socks clean after work. Immediately after leaving the office, I drive to our ladyhouse and use the foot slave to have my socks licked clean. I take off my sneakers and rub my salty, stinky socks

Miss Anastasia S.: I will crush you under my bare feet! You're lying defenseless under me again and I'm now taking off my fragrant socks and you can now see my bare feet. I want to crush you under my bare