Miss Alessa Milano 

Miss Alessa Milano
Alessa Milano is a special lady. She can’t hear you and she can’t speak to you, but she feels you. This trait is a blessing and a curse for you because she is particularly sensitive to what she feels, BUT: She also can’t hear you scream and so she doesn’t care about your whining. She likes to feel things with her feet. She likes the feeling when she feels his coils under her bare soles because that’s the only thing she can respond to. This can seem particularly cold, but it is a special quality. Alessa Milano loves the trampling fetish. From boots to her bare, dominant feet. She likes to place her full weight on her victim’s face and make them suffer. Doesn’t she hear it? NO! Doesn’t she feel it? Possibly! Does she just not want to respond? Certainly!
Miss Alessa Milano is a merciless mistress and will push you to your limits.
She trains other dominant deaf mistresses. She works in her studio all week long. Maybe you dare.

Special feature: She can’t hear you, so she doesn’t care about your screams. She only feels with her body.

Additional Informations

166 cm

Hair Color:

39 EU / 8.0 US / foot length  24,4 cm


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Mistress Alessa Milano (in sign language): I'm a trampling fan. I love to squeeze and torture foot slave faces under my bare feet. I'm going to kick the slave's face now. The soles of my bare feet crush his face

Lady Alessa Milano: My brutal foot smother session. I like to show off my dominance and brutality. I love dominating a slave under my feet and making him moan in pain. My advantage is that I don't hear him whining or

Miss Alessa Milao (Deaf Mistress with Sign Language): You will get a foot slave course from me today. You will now lick my dirty Nike sneakers. I want you to clean my shoes with your tongue. You can swallow the

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Goddess Sheila: You are at my feet while I tell you about my slaves. Well you slave contender. I will now tell you about my slaves while you may kneel at my feet. I'll tell you about my cleaning slaves, my

Goddess Sheila: I like to vent my aggressions on a foot slave. This time I stand on the slave with my full weight and hit his face with my sweet little feet. I stamp and step on his face until

Lady Tiffany: I take out my frustration on the foot slave. In the evenings I occasionally get hired as a stripper and perform at parties and clubs. However, some drunk guys sometimes touch me without asking. This makes me particularly angry.