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Princess Serena: And again there are adorable smelly socks for you, you loser. Put your face in my old, stinky, discolored and unwashed socks. My socks are already very hard

Goddess Sheila: Come on foot bitch. Lick my socks! I let the foot bitch crawl and she has my pink, fragrant socks in front of her nose. I want the bitch

Goddess Sheila: That guy down there wants to be my human carpet. He wants me to trample him, use him as a floor. I also put him on a leash

Goddess Sheila: licking feet, ballbusting and foot sweat corona mask. After shopping and a long walk, I now want a foot massage with his tongue from the foot slave. I also

Miss Maria J .: It is the first time that a foot slave lies at my feet and greedily licks my feet. I sit comfortably and rub my feet over

Goddess Sheila: After my dirty boots and my stinky socks, the new foot slave can now lick my bare feet. I take off my socks and stuff them into his

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  • we both dominate our human footrest under our stinky socks!

  • I stomp and crush the slave’s face under my bare feet!

  • I want a slave face under my sports socks!

  • You will now spoil my bare feet

  • The slave will now lick our shoes clean

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Rocker Lady Shelly: The slave can now take off my old, fragrant socks and lick my bare, big feet. He can clean my soles with his tongue and suck my

Miss Kinga: He may lick my feet and spit! I teach him how to lick feet! I may look like a sweet little girl, but the devil is in me. I

Mistress Maria J .: I love to watch a foot slave lick my feet. I like to see how he enjoys licking the sweat off my soles and it is

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  • Anastasias Feet for you!

  • The little bitch can beg and lick my scented socks!

  • Lick my sexy black heels

  • Lick my dirty pink Sneakers

  • Lick our feet and pamper our toes