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Princess Serena & Goddess Sheila: Are you ready for 4 smelly socks in your slave's face? Dr will kiss and pay homage to the dirty sneakers as a greeting. Afterwards

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: Whenever I have a girls night, we have a foot slave with us who serves as a footrest and cleans our feet and shoes and

Miss Elsi: I want him to kiss my feet and lick my soles! I call the slave to me and I present my bare feet to him. My soles are right

Goddess Sheila: Human footrest under my bare feet. I know that it is your unfulfilled dream that you may be my human footrest. It would be the fulfillment of your dreams

Goddess Sheila: Lick my dance high heels from the club. At the weekend I dance professionally in a club as an animation dancer. I like to be admired by the

Goddess Sheila: That guy down there wants to be my human carpet. He wants me to trample him, use him as a floor. I also put him on a leash

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  • I have my work socks from the weekend licked clean.

  • There is no escape from my smelly socks

  • He will now lick and eat my fragrant, dusty socks

  • I press my dirty, smelly tennis socks into his slave face

  • I press my dirty, smelly tennis socks into his slave face.

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19 yo Miss Kinga: sucking socks, kicking balls and spit in your face! I take off my sneakers and put my shoes on his nose. He can deeply inhale the scent

Princess Alena: I'm wearing my uncleaned Skater Vans again, which have taken on the smell of my feet. You will lie under me on the floor and I will kick

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: I now need an intense foot massage. I love foot massages. A new way of massaging my feet is that the slave does not use his

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  • Anastasias Feet for you!

  • The little bitch can beg and lick my scented socks!

  • Lick my sexy black heels

  • Lick my dirty pink Sneakers

  • Lick our feet and pamper our toes