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Mistress Morana: Lick the dust from under my socks! In my free time I like to walk around the apartment and office in my socks, or even outside on the balcony. Today I'm wearing my dusty

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Milf dance teacher Laura: Today I let the foot slave lick my 7 year old dance shoes and clean them inside. After the pole dance I let the foot slave

Miss Kitty Ink: I touch myself and stimulate myself while the slave licks his feet! I touch myself and make myself horny while the slave has to lick my feet. I

Princess Serena: You want to know what it's like to be trampled on by me? You want to feel the pain when I crush you under my feet? I let

Lady Nisha: I play with my feet-licking pet! I'm tired of walking my pet. I ask my little toy what he thinks I need now. He says that I want to

MILF Mistress Lena C.: After shopping, my dusty, bare feet are also licked. After the foot slave has licked my shoes clean, he now has to take my shoes off and

Queen Marie Müller: He will now suck my dirty socks. I sit down on my slave and will now ask him to suck my dirty socks. I want to relax a

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  • Lick the dust from under my socks!

  • Now he should lick my bare feet too!

  • I know you want to lick the dust off my socks

  • My ignored human footrest

  • Lick my tennis feet clean and calm me down!

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My dirty boots are now being thoroughly licked clean Goddess Sheila: My dirty boots are now being thoroughly licked clean. When I come home, my slave has to kneel in his place

Goddess Tracy: I have my work socks from the weekend licked clean. I work at the bar in a techno club on the weekend. I wear white sneaker socks in

Lady Bitch Tracy: It's the first time I've used a foot slave. First of all, I use his face as a human footrest. I take off my old, white sneakers

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  • Anastasias Feet for you!

  • The little bitch can beg and lick my scented socks!

  • Lick my sexy black heels

  • Lick my dirty pink Sneakers

  • Lick our feet and pamper our toes