Lady Sarah

Lady Sarah dominated slaves 20 years ago and then took a long break because she wanted to concentrate on her job and her sport. Mistress Sarah now has her own tattoo studio and enjoys having her feet pampered and cared for after work. She stands on her feet a lot and the soles of her feet need regular massage. Mistress Sahra also loves her sport. She has been attending kickboxing courses in her city for two years and has been living her life even more confidently since then. So you’d better not mess with her :). As you can imagine, Mistress Sarah’s favorite session is when a slave massages her feet with his tongue. Intense toe sucking included. Mistress Sarah loves rock music and likes to go to rock festivals.


Additional Informations

173 cm

Hair Color:
dark blonde

38-39 EU / 7.0 US / foot length  25.5 cm


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