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How I use a foot slave


by fetishtainment

Miss Anastasia: How I use a foot slave
Do you want to watch how I use a foot slave? Do you want to see how I would treat you too as your mistress? OK wait!
First you should find out something about me. We’ll meet outside and I’ll tell you something about myself, then you can drive me in the car to the Lady House and I’ll tell you what I’m going to do with you and how I want to use you. Afterwards you can enjoy and watch how I use a foot slave. I first have my Birkenstock slippers licked clean and then use the slave as a footrest. Of course he has to keep my feet warm and lick my toes and soles. I also want to kick him a little and stick my feet deep in his throat. I love it when a slave blows my sweet feet!



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