The slave has to worship my feet on all fours

Lady Nisha: The slave has to worship my feet on all fours.
I want the foot slave to crawl to me on all fours and pay homage to my feet. I’ll show him now how I like it. He should crawl and ask me with his looks and his words to kiss my feet. He is allowed to kiss and lick my feet in the sexy shoes first. I sit relaxed on my throne and ignore his greed. He is allowed to lick my shoes clean and suck my toes in the shoes. If he dutifully fulfills his task, he has the honor of being able to lick my bare soles… from bottom to top, from bottom to top to toes. He gets a little lesson on “licking feet”. What I particularly like is shoving my big dominant foot deep in his mouth and almost making him puke with my feet.