A day with my feet bitch #4 Feel my feet and suffer

Goddess Sheila: A day with my feet bitch #4 Feel my feet and suffer.
Welcome to my video series ” A day with my foot bitch ” in which I show you what a day with me as a mistress is like and how I use my foot bitch.
#4 Feel the power of my feet.
Sometimes my little foot strap is a bit cheeky with me and doesn’t obey my every word. This is the time when I also have to show that she is only an object and a toy for me when she is naughty. After a little workout, I press my gym socks into my foot slut’s face and let her kiss and smell my socks and I smother her under my feet by pressing both socks firmly on her slave face. She is also allowed to eat my socks and I notice again that she will do everything for me. With my socks in her mouth, she has to smell my bare feet. She will also lick and caress my bare feet and toes. However, she is punished again for a wrong facial expression and I smother her under the pressure of my bare feet… I love my toys… my foot bitch…t.