sucking socks, licking feet, swallowing spit!

19 yo Miss Kinga: sucking socks, licking feet, swallowing spit!
Another hot session with my slaves. I’ve got my red knee high socks on under my boots and I’m about to sweat them all out. We start with some spit in his face and then his job begins. He will lick my socks thoroughly clean. I’ll stick my little feet deep in his mouth and watch him suck the sweat out of his feet. He can also lick the dust off my soles. I want the socks to be sucked really wet. After that he will lick my bare feet. My sweet little teen feet taste slightly salty and are moist. I also put my bare feet deep in his throat, I fuck his mouth with my little feet. Again and again he gets my spit in his slave face as support for cleaning my feet.