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New video on FemdomSquad.com

by fetishtainment

New streaming femdom video online on FEMDOMSQUAD.com. Enjoy a new Miss Kinga session

19 yo Miss Kinga: I spit in his face and choke him under my scented socks.
The guy below me has my sneakers in his slave face. I’m going to spit in his face now and rub my spit in his face with my sneakers. Then I take off my sneakers and press my warm, damp socks into his face. I smother him under my socks and I can feel him gasping for air. I remove my socks from his face for a moment, but only to spit in his face again. Immediately afterwards he gets my socks on his face again. That’s nice? A mix of my spit and foot sweat? It’s a great experience for a slave. A cute teen girl spoils him with her spit, then her smelly socks, spit, then socks, then spit, then socks 🙂 … Nice fun for me..:D


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