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Lick my old, dirty house slippers!

by fetishtainment

Princess Serena: Lick my old, dirty house slippers! These slippers really had to “suffer”. I have 3 years now and I’ve worn them all over the place. They’re just so comfortable and light. No matter if I had clean feet, sweaty feet or dirty feet. These house slippers have seen everything and I’ve never actually cleaned them. Under the dirty soles is the dust from those years. The dust from all the places where I’ve set my foot. The insoles are a mix of my foot sweat and the dirt that had collected under my feet when I wore these slippers. You will lick these slippers now. You will clean the dusty sole with your tongue and absorb and swallow the sweat and dirt from the insoles. Are you seduced by the sight of my slippers?

(german spoken)


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