Panties Face Sitting collection

PANTIES FACE SITTING with Princess Serena 

On the bed:

You little loser. You nothing. You miserable creature. You will adore my ass. Lick my ass and kiss my ass. pass my ass and adore my ass. I may sit on your face and use you as a human cushion. Take a good look at my ass. Isn’t my ass awesome? It will be a happy feeling for you to lie under my ass.

I’m going to sit on my slave’s face now. I have a sexy bikini on and the slave is going to have a great time under my ass. I will sit him absolutely flat. I will ride his face. I will jump around on my slave and I will have a lot of fun knocking him down. I love it when he doesn’t get air under my ass. This is a sexy facesitting video.

Living room: I now sit hard on his slave’s face. He can smell my pussy while I take his breath away. Maybe my pussy is the last thing he will smell 🙂 haha. Or I stick his slave nose in my beautiful, sexy ass. It may be the last thing he wants to smell before he runs out of breath. I let him fidget and enjoy his misery and how his body writhes. Yes that’s right. You can only sit flat on a slave like that

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