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Brutally Sneaker and Barefoot Trampling

by fetishtainment

SNEAKERS: Young Mistress Serena tramples her victim brutally under her dirty sneakers. She crushes his face and head under her weight and she jumps very hard on his body, hands and arms. If he objected, she punished him with the long whip. She punished him without consideration, who opened his mouth. In the end, his battered and whipped body stayed behind.

BAREFOOT: Very brutal barefoot trampling session with Mistress Serena. She lets the slave remove her stinky old sneakers and the young goddess starts to trample his face under her bare sole. She jumps on his body , she slaps and kicks his face under her feet, she stomps on his arms and hands and she stands fullweight on his throat and face. A young girl without mercy. A perfect dominant barefoot trampling sessi

(german spoken)

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