VIDEO FOR LADIES ONLY: Every Lady needs a face under her feet

Princess Serena: Every lady needs a human footrest, every girl needs a slave face to put her feet on! Foot slaves are so handy for a lady. After a hard day you can put your feet on it and relax. First I let the foot slave lick my shoes clean and then I put my sweaty feet on his face. When I have cold feet, his slave face is my foot heating and when I sweat, my feet are warm, then the foot slave is allowed to refresh my feet with his tongue. It’s so convenient. I can also use the slave to calm my aggressions. Then I kick him and stand up with all my weight on his face. I dominate him under my feet until he can no longer and moans loudly. Then I stuff the slave’s mouth with my feet. … Find it now on and CLIPS4SALE