Home video updates The slaves face under my pink fur slipper

The slaves face under my pink fur slipper

by fetishtainment

Goddess Sheila. A goddess like me always has a foot slave at her feet. When I relax in the morning, I put my feet, which are in pink fur slippers, on the face of my foot slave. His face is just like dirt under my slippers, so he has to be happy with this place. He can of course lick my slippers clean. He has to clean the sole completely with his tongue. The insoles smell like my feet. Of course, the foot slave also has to lick the foot sweat from the insoles. I take my cell phone and shop in time at the expense of my foot slave. The goddess buys something beautiful and the slave has to lie under the goddess’ feet. That’s right! That is a law of nature.. NOW ON FEMDOMGOLD.com  and Clips4Sale.com/105244




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