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Worship my black socks and my bare feet

by fetishtainment

Goddess Sheila: Would you suck my sweaty socks if I took off my shoes now? Then come closer and inhale the scent of my wonderful, sweaty, black socks. Lick my socks and adore them. Maybe I’ll give you one of my socks. You can then wear the sock under your nose every day and live in the fragrance world of Goddess Sheila.

You little idiot will lick my bare feet today. You will suck every single toe as I suck my lollipop. You will lick each toe with devotion and lick and suck the spaces between the toes. I also want you to lick the soles of my bare feet. Lick my feet like your life depends on it. Come on, foot slave, do what I tell you



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