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I trample my human floor under my bare feet

by fetishtainment

Princess Serena: Now I’m going to torture my human carpet. I’ll trample on him with my bare feet. I trample on his body and stand on his face. He has to bear all my weight on his head. It also feels like I have a human surfboard. I walk over it like an old worthless carpet. I ignore his whining.

The princess is a wonderful, young lady. She’s the innocent look of a young schoolgirl, but there’s a little devil in her. Foot Dominance is her favorite way to chastise men. She likes to trample on men and let her feet lick. She likes to torture a victim properly, that’s good for her soul. She loves the sight of slaves licking her feet and sucking her toes. She loves to beat her victims with hands and feet. Privately, she likes everything that is pink and sparkles. She is a little princess.





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