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I kick my soccer feet in your worthless face

by fetishtainment

I play soccer in my free time and I heard that some slaves want me to kick their slaves face with my soccer sneakers. Your moment of happiness has come here. I’ll be happy to step into your slave face. Immediately lie down on the floor and enjoy my kicks. The profile of my sneakers will burn your face.

My soccer shoes were probably not enough for you.? You still want my wet, sweaty socks in your slave face? You should have that. I will kick your worthless face with my stinky soccer socks. Always hard in your face. I don’t care about your whining. Your whine even drives me on. Take this, you pig! You worthless piece of sh…t!

Your big moment has come. I will now take off my sweaty soccer socks and press my bare feet in your face. Are you hot for my damp, stuffy sports feet? Should I crush you under the bare, wet soles? I will mercilessly crush you under my hot feet. In the end I will stand on your face with both feet and stand there for hours.





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