He has to worship my dusty dancing heels and my nylon feet

Princess Serena: I have a lesson for one of my foot slaves again today. He will lick my dance high heels clean. He’ll lick the sole, the insole, the heel. Lick the dirt and dust off your shoes and blow my heel. I wear these shoes when I go dancing. Today I wear my tights and the sweat of my soles sticks to the insole. I’ll punish you if he doesn’t do the job to my satisfaction. He has to do his slave job on his knees before me.

I took off my dance high heels and my foot slave is now spoiling the warm, wet nylon feet. He sticks his nose between my toes and inhales the scent of my feet. He licks the sweat from the soles and kisses my feet with passion. So it is right, lick my beautiful nylon feet. I rub my sweaty feet through his face and he loves it. Will he get all the nylon toes in his mouth at the same time?