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I did not receive a confirmation email when I joined.

There are a number of possible reasons: – Please check, that you provided a correct and valid email address. If you think that you may have provided a wrong email address, please contact our customer service. – Our confirmation email might have been classified as ‚spam’ by your email provider or the local email software on your computer. Please check the spam folder of your email address.

Why has my bank account or credit card been blocked for further payments?

Either your bank account or credit card has been blocked against further charges at your own request, or your account might be in arrears. In the latter case, please check in Inet Cash’s internal customer area for outstanding payments and arrange a payment for settlement.

Lost access data for members area

You can recover your membership login data if you choose “Forgotten your password and follow the instructions.

I want to cancel my recurring membership

Please log into Inet Cash’s internal customer area, to see the list of your current memberships and check for the cancellation options available there. Please make sure that you receive a confirmation email after cancellation.

What is a recurring transaction/charge?

If you have chosen a recurring membership, your access period will be extended automatically after your initial membership period, if it has not been cancelled before the end of the period. Your membership will be extended at the price indicated when you first joined.

Why does my login not work?

Please make sure that you have entered your access data exactly as given in your confirmation email. If your login still doesn’t work: – Specific security software and firewalls on your computer might be conflicting with the login procedure. Please reduce the corresponding settings to a minimum. – If your computer is part of a company network, please contact your administrator for help. – The AOL browser has known issues with certain login procedures. Please try using a different browser. If the advice above does not help, please contact our customer support.

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INET-CASH was established to provide fast, secure and user-friendly payment systems based on common client needs. INET-CASH has been operating since 1995 as a responsible and secure internet payment processor.

If your credit card statement or bank account contains a reference to ‘INET-CASH’, it means that a payment has been made for a web site that is using the billing services of INET-CAST

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