Elis sweaty flats

Lady Elsi Spring wants you to worship her sweaty ballet flats   LOOKMYSHOES.com   und    FOOTFETISHGOLD.com (Premium)    

Doc Boots and Feet

Gothic Queen Absinthia shows off her special Doc Martens Boots and her bare feet! LOOKMYSHOES.com    und    FOOTFETISHGOLD.com  

Vanessas Flats

Enjoy the High Res Pics of Vanessas  flats and bare sweaty and sandy soles   LOOKMYSHOES.com   and   FOOTFETISHGOLD.com …

Vivias worn Heels

Medical student Miss Vivian shows off her 3 y.o. well worn heels ..with fine footprints on her insole 🙂 www.LOOKMYSHOES.com …