Lick my Sweaty Feet and smell it!

Sexy Lady Kitty wants him to smell her sweaty feet. She sits oh him and takes off her sneakers after letting him lick the soles of her shoes. She puts the shoes on his nose and wants him to smell inside. Come on smell the sweat from inside her shoes. The he has to lick off the sweat. The sweat of her bare soles and the sweat of her toes. Come stick you young between her toes and enjoy the taste.  and 

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Lady Kitty sits on his face

Lady Kitty today wants to sit on her slaves face with green leggings and her sweaty panty. She starts to ride his face in her sporty trouser. Its fantastic having her sexy ass and pussy on a face with her legging. After taking off she presses her pussy in her smelly panty on his face and orders him to sniff. She loves having hin nose deep inside her ass!

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