The footslave has to lick and to suck

Sweet Mistress Serena wants him to take off her sport sneakers and to sniff inside her shoes, before she allows him to lick and smell her sweaty, salty socks. She loves it , when a guy is licking the soles and loves the taste, the salty, sweaty taste. Finally she wants him to swallow her socks. Thats is his reward for a well done footslave job! and





Sexy barefoot Trampling

If you love pure barefoot trampling , this video with Miss Cherry Preston ist a must have for you. The sexy Mistress takes off her good worn, sweaty Adidas sneakers and tortures the face and the body of her salve under her bare feet. She tramples his face , squishes his nose, standing full weight on his head and face and he can enjoy the feeling of her weight the smell of her feet and becoming her human floor. 


Swallow and Smother

Miss Cherry Preston lets him worship her bare feet and smell inside her sweaty sneakers before she starts to smother him under her sexy soles. She presses both of her bare soles on his face and lets him no chance to breathe. During the pauses he has to smaller her spit… great session and





Dirty Sneakers Domination

Sweet Miss Serena dominates her slave under her dirty sneakers. She tramples his hands and his face under her dirty soles and she wants him to lick and to clean her dirty sneakers with his worthless tongue. Do you like worship dirty sneakers ? This is a must for you!   and



Suffer under her Heels !

Miss Cherry Preston tramples her slave under her dangerous heels. She loves the prints and marks on his skin after standing full weight on him. She fucks his mouth with her heels and she kicks him. He can’t see, only feel what she is doing, how she teases him, because of his mask. He is at her mercy now !    and  (Premium)




Cherry Preston forces to smell!

The slave is laying defenseless under her chair and she takes off her old Adidas sneakers and forces him to sniff inside her shoes, to sniff the sweat of her feet. After that she forces him to smell her stinky and sweaty socks while rubbing both of her feet on his worthless face. Finally she takes off her sweaty socks and orders him to swallow her stinky socks while she presses both bare smelly soles on his face again.

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Licking Serenas Feet

Sexy lady Serena wants all foots lave to worship her sweet adorable feet. First a slave hast to get on his knees and to kiss her sneakers. After taking them off he is allowed to worship the tops of her feet and her toes, before a good footslave starts to lick and smell the soles of her bare feet. She loves putting both bare feet into a slaves mouth same time. and

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Worship her Heels

Sexy High Heels Worship Session with Miss Cherry Preston. She orders him on his knees and he has a mask on without the possibility to see his mistress. She tells him whats to do. He has to worship and lick her sexy heels and if he is not good enough she slaps his face and forces him to do it better. or

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