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first time that we have a foot slave together

Kitten and Alena: Today is the first time that we have a foot slave together. Kitten likes to rent a slave at gothic and fetish parties to keep their shoes clean, but today we use a slave together. The slave must be at our feet and we use it as a footrest. He takes our shoes off and he has to smell our socks and lick them. Then he can take off our socks and we rub our 4 feet over his face and tongue. Kitten loves to touch everything with her feet. Alena has discovered her dominant side and presses her slender, soft feet into his face and mouth. We try to put all 4 feet in his slave’s mouth at once. Using a foot slave with a friend is really fun. 4 beautiful feet that want to be licked … 20 wonderful toes to suck on … (streaming video)




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