Footstool for her socks!

Serena sits on his face

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Welcome to the biggest fetish-website group in Europe! More than 400 different sexy girls will show you their best ways to dominate you. Teens or ladies, sexy europeans or russians, careless bitches, schoolgirls or self-confidented business-ladies, they all want to give you your piece of humiliation, your portion of madness, of your passion, of your fetish… Rejoice yourself, because you have found all-in-one site with more than 250 000 photos of our beauties and thousands of videos with them. They will humble you with their feet, pushing it in your face, with lot of power, with sweep, trying to hurt you… Or soft and dearly, giving you a wonderful possibility to enjoy it, to kiss and lick their delicious feet… They will take your air away with their gently hands, with their strong legs, even with their fragrant asses! They will hurt you by trampling your body, by using you as a dirty bathmat, by kicking you with their sexy high heels, brutal Boots or barefoot… You will be allowed to smell their ballerinas, bounded, humiliated, you will worship our girls, be addicted to them, you will always want to get in touch with them again and again… To see their devious eyes, their confident smiles, their perfect bodies and listen to their voices, to their orders, you will be forced to do everything they command and be happy to fulfill it! Get ready to learn something you about yourself. Our ladies will explain you who you really are!


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Lady Kitty sits on his face

Lady Kitty today wants to sit on her slaves face with green leggings and her sweaty panty. She starts to …

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Rickys socks in your face

Rickys socks right in your face  


You are a Footlover and you know how to worship female feet? You would do anything to lick and kiss a female foot? No matter if the feet are dirty or filthy? No matter if the soles are muddy or not? Ok, this site is for you. contains a large number of dominant Girls and Ladies waiting for you to kiss and clean their dirty feet. We have the biggest number of different amateur Ladies…   GET MORE >>>

Arabella very dirty feet

Lady Arabella wants you to lick the sole of her very dirty feet  


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Trampled under Amys Feet

Sweet Amy lifts her bare sole above your face and is read to trample your face mercilessly. Do you like …